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What You Need to Know About Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a natural clouding of the lens of your eye that occurs with aging. This happens to everyone and becomes worse as time goes by. The main symptoms of cataract surgery that our board certified eye doctors see are blurred vision, glare with oncoming headlights at night and glare with sunlight. There are… Read More

SightMD, is proud to be the the 2015 official LASIK Providers of the New York Mets and continues to offer Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery comes around only once and it has become a second chance at great vision. Patients have a one-time opportunity to pick the type of lens he or she would prefer at the time of surgery. Here at North Shore Eye Care, we perform laser cataract surgery with topical anesthesia. Our small incision technique… Read More

Fall is just around the corner at SightMD, come join us for our Live LASIK Seminar next month on September 22nd at 7pm

At North Shore Eye Care next month, we are having a Live LASIK Event and Seminar by LASIK surgeon, Dr. John Mauro at our Smithtown office. After the seminar Dr Mauro will perform a live televised LASIK surgery. LASIK laser eye surgery has been a great part of North Shore eye care in smithtown new… Read More

Cataract Surgery with SightMD on Long Island

Long gone are the days of waiting till your cataracts are “ripe” enough for surgery. Cataract surgery is so sophisticated and elegant; individuals are electing to undergo the procedure earlier and earlier. Cataract surgery, now more than ever, has become a second chance at great vision. Some would argue it could be considered a type… Read More

Detection of Glaucoma Can Be Tricky

Glaucoma, a disease where damage to the optic nerve occurs often from increased pressure in the eye can be difficult to diagnose at times. Many patients have some features but not all and in fact are just borderline for glaucoma. Regular check-ups for glaucoma will always include tonometry. Tonometry measures the pressure within your eye…. Read More

Congenital Ptosis Repair | Long Island

Congenital ptosis is a condition that presents at birth where one or both upper eyelids may be droopy. Usually, it is the result of an abnormally developed levator muscle in the lids. This is the muscle that elevates the eyelid. In congenital ptosis, the muscle has abnormal amounts of fatty scar tissue that presents it… Read More

Dilating eye drops

As part of a general eye exam, it is extremely important to dilate the pupil of the eye. It allows an Ophthalmologist to adequately assess the retina, assess for glaucoma and potential systemic disorders of the eye. In children, it is important to dilate the eyes for those reasons as well but it is also… Read More

Having problems with vision, come to SightMD

At North Shore Eye Care we see people with various ocular problems ranging from pink eye to visual loss. Most case of visual loss luckily do not require sophisticated treatment as they can easily be treated. For instance many middle aged people who always took pride in their excellent vision become alarmed when their sight… Read More

Cornea Specialists at SightMD

There are many subspecialties within ophthalmology. Many of these subspecialties are represented by the physicians at North Shore Eye across our 8 offices across long Island. As cornea specialists, Dr. Faye Knoll and I, specialize in medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the cornea, the clear dome of the eye that covers the iris… Read More

Long Island Eyelid Specialists at SightMD | Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastic surgery (also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery) is a specialized branch of ophthalmology that focuses on plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, orbit, and lacrimal tear drainage system. Also, the field offers cosmetic surgery of the eyelids and brows, along with aesthetic rejuvenation of the face with Botox and facial fillers. An eyelid… Read More

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