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What Is An Oculoplastic Surgeon?

Oculoplastic surgery (also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery) is a specialized dynamic field of medicine that combines the microsurgery of ophthalmology with the cosmetic principles of plastic surgery. This branch of ophthalmology focuses on plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, tear ducts, and orbit, along with cosmetic surgery of the eyelids and brows. Oculoplastic… Read More

Strabismus-Does my child have a lazy eye?

Amblyopia is a term Ophthalmologists use to define what many think of as a “lazy eye.” Amblyopia comes in many types. Strabismic amblyopia is the type associated with ocular misalignment. Anisometropic amblyopia is actually the most common and is not obvious at all. It is caused by a difference in focusing or refractive error, in… Read More

Dry Eye and Lid Margin Disease

Meibomianitis is a common condition of the eyelid margins that is often associated with dry eye disease, rosacea, and styes. The symptoms may include itching, burning, redness, tearing, foreign body sensation, and fluctuating vision. It is a common cause of itching and is sometimes mistaken for allergic conjunctivitis. Most of us have some degree of… Read More

Come visit our state of the art LASIK center featuring our all new iDesign technology in Smithtown, New York.

Our success at North Shore Eye Care is due to the fact that we strive to provide the best results for our patients. Is it time for you to think about LASIK surgery. North Shore Eye Care is the official LASIK Provider of the New York Mets. Some patients are nervous about laser vision correction…. Read More

Keratoconus: what is it and what can I do about it?

Keratoconus is a disorder of the cornea. The cornea is a thin, clear piece of tissue on the surface of the eye. It must be transparent and compact in order to see through it. Additionally, its shape is very important to our vision. If it is misshapen, the image we see becomes a blur. Keratoconus… Read More

The End of Summer Brings More Pink Eye

As the long days of summer are coming to a close and fall is beginning we are starting to see an increase in cases of conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the clear covering, the skin so to speak, covering the white part or sclera of the eye. It is commonly called “pink eye” because… Read More

Laser Vision Correction at North Shore Eye Care, the official LASIK Providers of the New York Mets!

LASIK is the most commonly used surgical procedure for correcting near-sightedness (myopia) far-sightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. The surgeon creates a “flap” at the surface of the cornea, then folds it back so that the laser can access and re-shape the cornea. The LASIK procedure takes about 10-15 minutes per eye: The surgeon administers anesthetic eyedrops,… Read More

Retinopathy of Prematurity

Babies that are born at 32 weeks or less or who have a birth weight of 1250 grams or less are at risk of getting a disease called retinopathy of prematurity. This is a potentially blinding disease that if treated, could be cured. There are approximately 3.9 million infants born in the U.S. a year…. Read More

Annual check-ups advised to prevent loss of vision

North Shore Eye Care, the eminent multispecialty Eye Care Facility in Suffolk County recommends annual check-ups to prevent eye disease. Many diseases can affect people’s eyes without them even knowing it. Many of these diseases if left untreated can result in permanent blindness. When blindness ensues it is almost never reversible. One notable exception is… Read More

A Walk In The Park By SightMD Hopes to Raise Funds and Awareness of ALS Disease

In an effort to help raise awareness of the devastating effects of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), the doctors and staff of North Shore Eye Care – and key members of their co-managing optometric partners on Long Island – are participating in the Fall ALS Walk this Saturday, September 19th at Eisenhower Park in Nassau County,… Read More

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