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Refractive Errors in Children

In order for children to see clearly, light must be reflected in the front of the eye (cornea and lens) and focused on the back of the eye (retina). If light rays are not focused on the retina, a refractive error is present. There are essentially 3 types of refractive errors: Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism…. Read More

Oculoplastic Surgeon Near Me

Oculoplastic surgery is a sub-specialization within ophthalmology that bridges with plastic surgery. The field centers on functional surgery of the eyelids, tear ducts, and orbit, in addition to cosmetic surgery of the lids and brows. Also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery, we also offer aesthetic rejuvenation of the face in the office with injectable procedures… Read More

Oculoplastic Surgeon NYC | Long Island | Hamptons

An oculoplastic surgeon (also known as ophthalmic plastic surgeon) is an eyelid specialist that is fellowship trained in cosmetic surgery around the eyes along with plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, tear ducts, and orbit. North Shore Eye Care offers oculoplastic surgery services throughout its locations spanning New York City to the Hamptons. The… Read More

Hearing loss, no two ears and a brain hear the same

When we think of hearing loss many times people think that people just cant hear. They have the notion of hearing as either you do or you don’t. And if you don’t hear then you don’t hear anything. Actually it is the exact opposite. When an Audiologist tests your hearing there is a series of… Read More

SightMD Expanding Coverage in Garden City With Opening Of New Office and Merger with Long Island Eye Surgeon, Dr. Van Valkenburg

Long Island’s fastest growing comprehensive eye care provider, North Shore Eye Care, today announced the merger of noted Long Island eye surgeon, Kathleen Van Valkenburg, MD as part of their ongoing effort to increase ophthalmic coverage in their new Garden City practice, according to Jeffrey Martin, MD, medical director and managing partner of North Shore… Read More

Bell’s Palsy May Require Eyelid Surgery to Protect the Eye

Bell’s Palsy can be a sudden and frightening occurrence that can leave a patient with a paralysis of one side of the face. Typically, there is a droop in the eyebrow, an inability to close the eye, a sagging of the lower eyelid, and a weakness of the corner of the mouth. When not connected… Read More

It’s Allergy season

Allergic Conjunctivitis is a relatively common condition that is a reaction to allergens in the environment. The most common are pollen, dust and mold. There are other inciting agents that are present year-round such as pets, detergents, make-up, contact lens solutions, etc. It is often difficult to avoid these inciting agents, particularly when they are… Read More

How Do I Get Rid of a Stye?

A stye of the eyelid is a condition that occurs when one of the normal oil glands of the lid gets blocked. Pre-existing conditions like rosacea and blepharitis can predispose certain people to the formation of styes. Incomplete removal of eye make-up or inadequate lid hygiene can also contribute to the formation of this condition…. Read More

SightMD: Managing Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is becoming an ever increasingly common eye disease causing vision loss as the the baby boomer generation enters retirement age. Macular degeneration has a genetic component to it and therefore runs in families. The retina is the thin layer of neural tissue in the back of the eye where an image is focused…. Read More

Presbyopia and Multifocal Lenses at North Shore Eye Care

As time goes on and people enter their 40’s, most start to lose the ability to focus at near. This process is called presbyopia. Presbyopia is when the natural lens within the eye gradually becomes less flexible thereby diminishing its ability to change shape which allows one to focus for near vision. Presbyopia is a… Read More

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