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Flashes and Floaters and what to do at North Shore Eye Care

Floaters are part of the vitreous gel in the eye that cast shadows on the retina, the layer of cells lining the back of the eye that senses light and allows you to see. Floaters can appear as different shapes, such as dots, circles, lines, clouds or cobwebs. The eye is filled with a clear… Read More

Cataract surgery continues to grow at a rapid rate

Cataract surgery continues to evolve at a rapid rate. With the advancement of new technologies patients find it easier to undergo and recover from this procedure. Not to long all cataract surgeries were hospital based with a hospital stay lasting several days. Sutures shortened these stays by creating water tight wounds which greatly decreased the… Read More

What are my eyes so irritated in the morning?

Blepharitis is a very common problem. Everyone has normal bacteria known as “flora” that live on the eyelashes and lid margins. Occasionally, this bacteria can grow out of control. When this happens, it can lead to eyelid and eye surface inflammation. The result is dry, irritated, red, crusted eyes and eyelids. The ophthalmologists of North… Read More

Diabetes is a Leading Cause of Blindness

Diabetes affects nearly 26 million adults and children in the United States. Another 79 million Americans are classified as pre-diabetic and are at risk for developing type II diabetes. By the year 2050 it is estimated that 33% of American adults will have diabetes unless we take steps to stop it. Two out of three… Read More

Find Out if You are a Candidate for iLASIK at North Shore Eye Care

Myopia (nearsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism are probably the most common reasons why people have blurry vision. The most common ways to correct this blurry vision are eyeglasses and contact lenses. If one is tired of being dependent on either eyeglasses or contact lenses, one may consider a laser corrective procedure such as iLASIK or… Read More

Does my child have a lazy eye?

A “lazy eye,” is a generic term used for Amblyopia, Strabismus and Ptosis. Amblyopia is when a patient’s best-corrected vision in one or both eyes is less than 20/40, in an anatomically normal eye. Amblyopia can be caused by a difference in refractive error or a large refractive error in two eyes. Amblyopia can also… Read More

Bladeless LASIK Technology in Long Island by the Official LASIK Provider of the New York Mets

This summer, take the opportunity to have bladeless LASIK in Long Island by the Offiical LASIK Provider of the New York Mets, North Shore Eye Care. We have four board certified LASIK experts. So what are you waiting for? On your first visit to one of our Suffolk County Long Island eye care practices, you… Read More

Advanced Laser Technology in Ophthalmology

Lasers first came into popular use for treatment of ocular disorders in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, although few Ophthalmologists had use of these lasers in their own offices. At first they were used exclusively to treat retinal disorders. While we now have many ways to treat diabetic retinopathy, for a long time this… Read More

Lunch and Learn on hearing and hearing devices

The Audiology division of North Shore Eye Care will be hosting a lunch and learn for existing and new patients. This interactive seminar will be focusing on hearing loss and hearing devices. During the lunch and learn patients and loved ones will get a better understanding on hearing loss and how we actually hear. We… Read More

The Best Corneal Care at SightMD

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that there are many different subspecialties within the field of ophthalmology. As a cornea specialist at North Shore Eye Care, I would like to explain what the cornea is and how I may be able to help you. The cornea is a clear, thin piece of tissue at… Read More

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