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LASIK surgery at North Shore Eye Care, correcting astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness in 2016

LASIK or Laser in-situ keratomileusiss is a procedure for correcting farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. Astigmatism is caused by having different curvatures on the surface of the cornea. Almost every person has some form of astigmatism. In Smithtown Long Island in New York, Our open access LASIK center offers the best in LASIK treatment and the… Read More


How do I know it’s time to update my hearing aids? Hearing aids, like everything else, have a definite lifespan. Over time, hearing instruments undergo a great deal of wear and tear, and they may start to break down, but technology also gets outdated as the years pass. Hearing aids can last anywhere from three… Read More

North Shore Eye Care, is proud to be the the 2016 official LASIK Providers of the New York Mets and continues to offer Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery comes around only once and it has become a second chance at great vision. Patients have a one-time opportunity to pick the type of lens he or she would prefer at the time of surgery. Here at North Shore Eye Care, we perform laser cataract surgery with topical anesthesia. The entire procedure is… Read More

Glaucoma Wears Many Different Hats

Glaucoma is the term used to describe a group of eye diseases in which the intraocular pressure (pressure within the eyeball) is increased and causes progressive damage to the optic nerve. (The optic nerve is like a telephone trunk line – it is composed of 1.2 million small fibers and transmits images from the eye… Read More

Blocked Tear Duct Surgery Improves Tearing

Excessive tearing can be the result of abnormal tear production, tear distribution, or tear drainage. When excessive tears are made, it is often in response of an eye irritant or stimulant. Abnormal eyelashes, corneal problems, eye infections, eyelid inflammation, and many other conditions can cause the eye to produce an excessive amount of tears. The… Read More

Using an eye patch for amblyopia or a “lazy eye.”

Patching is recommended when children are diagnosed with amblyopia or lazy eye. It works by occluding the eye with normal vision so that the vision in the poorer seeing, amblyopic eye improves. Patching is used to improve vision. It rarely improves a misalignment of the eye that causes the vision to decrease in the first… Read More

Diabetes can affect your health and your vision

Diabetes is now one of the leading causes of vision loss and blindness in the United States. Unfortunately diabetes is reaching epidemic levels in this country with as many as twenty-six million Americans presently suffering with this disease and a quarter of these people don’t even know that they are diabetic. Even more disturbing is… Read More

Cataracts and Your Eye Health at North Shore Eye Care in New York

There are several theories that exist that can cause cataracts including: smoking, diabetes, excessive exposure to sunlight, steroid use and certain other medications. The typical symptoms that may occur (blurry vision, glare around lights at night, haloes, colors losing there contrast and increased nearsightedness. The increased nearsightedness is also cause a temporary improvement in close-up… Read More


Summer vacation is here! Children everywhere are enjoying their break from school – swimming, beach, park, camp are among the many things children do all summer long. But before you know it, summer vacation will be over and the kids will be back to school! Summer weeks are filled with fun times, but it’s also… Read More

Contact Lens Related Problems

A contact lens is a clear piece of plastic that sits on the surface of the cornea. It corrects for your glasses prescription, so it allows you to see very well without the need for cumbersome glasses. Contact lenses, if used appropriately, are a wonderful tool to get excellent vision. In fact, depending on your… Read More

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