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What is a “lazy eye?”

A lazy eye is a generic term that encompasses, basically, 2 entities: Amblyopia and Strabismus. Amblyopia is a developmental condition where one eye, despite looking anatomically normal, can not be corrected to 20/20. Strabismus means that the eyes aren’t aligned correctly. One eye could cross (esotropia), go out (exotropia) or go up (hypertropia). These terms… Read More

How Long Do Lip Injections Last?

Lip filler injections have become very popular since the beginnning of the selfie culture. Kylie Jenner and many other celebrities have popularized products and techniques that produce fuller and thicker lips. Fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Volbella, and Belotero are commonly used for lip enhancement. Juvederm is a filler made of hyaluronic acid – a natural… Read More

Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery on Long Island

At North Shore Eye Care our surgeons now do a majority of their cataract surgery via laser. Recent advancements in laser eye surgery have made cataract surgery more advanced and safer specifically in certain eye conditions such as advanced cataracts and corneal disease. The laser also performs arcuate incisions in the cornea to help remove… Read More


Hearing aids are the most common treatment for hearing loss. If you’re one of the millions who rely on hearing aids to keep you in the conversation, you know how important it is to quickly identify and troubleshoot problems. Here are the four most common issues with hearing aids and a checklist for troubleshooting each… Read More

An Eye Exam Can Tell You a Lot About Your Overall Health

The eye is a unique organ. As ophthalmologists, we are able to look into your eyes and view blood vessels and nerves without having to cut open anything. This is what gives us so much information about the overall health of our patients. Furthermore, many systemic diseases have ocular manifestations. Diabetes, hypertension, various autoimmune disorders,… Read More

Plastic Surgeon Hosts Kybella Event in Smithtown, NY

Kybella, manufactured and distributed by Allergan, is a cosmetic injectable product used for the improvement of neck fat and a double chin. In many cases, kybella injections can replace surgical procedures like liposuction and neck lifts. For patients who are interested in learning more about cosmetic neck injections with kybella, North Shore Eye Care is… Read More

Vision screening: How do I know if my baby can see?

Aside from a parent’s intuition as to whether their son or daughter can see, there are other methods to determine just how much they can see and if they are at risk of having poor eyesight. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus have recently endorsed the… Read More

Dry eye disease is far more common than you think

Dry Eyes are a common disorder affecting anywhere between six to ten million people in the United States. Put another way this problem affects as many as eleven percent of adult males and seventeen percent of females. Since dry eyes are primarily a disease of middle age and older, these rates will certainly increase over… Read More

2017 North Shore Eye Care Optometric Symposium on January 22nd!

Leading surgeons from the ophthalmic industry will illustrate how recent breakthroughs in glaucoma management, cataract surgery, corneal disease and the treatment of retinal disorders can help primary eye care doctors preserve vision loss during Sunday January 22nd 2017 Long Island Optometric Symposium sponsored by North Shore Eye Care. Primary eye care doctors (optometrists) are the… Read More

Zika and the Eyes

If you’ve watched the news or planned to travel to Miami over the past few months, you’ve probably heard of the Zika virus. This mosquito-borne disease was the cause of the first travel warning that the CDC ever issued due to an infection risk within the United States. It has become such a challenging public… Read More

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