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Preventing Ocular Injuries at North Shore Eye Care/SightMD

In the past we have discussed the importance of routine eye exams in preventing ocular disease that can result in the loss of sight. Another cause for vision loss which is often preventable is through unexpected ocular trauma, often seen with athletes. Interestingly the sport most often associated with trauma is basketball which can get… Read More

Cornea Specialists with SightMD

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that there are many different subspecialties within the field of ophthalmology. As a cornea specialist at North Shore Eye Care, a division of SightMD, I would like to explain what the cornea is and how I may be able to help you. The cornea is a clear, thin… Read More

Vision Screening to check for vision problems?

There are a variety of methods used to screen children, depending on the age of the child tested. In babies, the ability to fix and follow an object is assessed. Using either an Ophthalmoscope or Retinoscope, the red reflex is analyzed. If there is a dulling of the reflection, it may indicate a potential issue…. Read More

Dr. Samuel Baharestani Named Top 500 Cosmetic Surgeon By RealSelf

[Smithtown, NY] – March 28, 2017 – Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon, Samuel Baharestani, MD, is one of 500 doctors worldwide to receive the RealSelf 500 Award, a prestigious award honoring the top influencers on RealSelf—the most trusted online destination to get informed about elective cosmetic procedures and to find and connect with doctors and clinics…. Read More

Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence Insufficiency is an inability to use the two eyes together when focusing on a near object. This occurs when there is a loss of binocular function. Typically, when a person looks at a close object, the two eyes converge. In a patient with convergence insufficiency, one eye moves out. An exotropia is a misalignment… Read More

The Benefits of SightMD

The ophthalmologists of North Shore Eye Care, a division of SightMD, provide a multitude of eye care services. We have specialists in cornea and external diseases of the eye, uveitis, glaucoma, neuro ophthalmology, oculoplastic surgery, pediatrics and retina. The surgeons of SightMD perform cataract surgery, laser vision correction, corneal transplants, DSAEKs and much, much more…. Read More

Advantages of Femtolaser Cataract Surgery

Laser or Femtolaser cataract surgery is currently the most advanced way to remove a cataract. It offers increased safety, precision, and makes cataract surgery less traumatic to the eye. There are 4 main advantages for laser cataract surgery in : 1. increased reproducibility of the capsulotomy, 2. softening of hard cataracts leading to decreased ultrasound… Read More

Dry eyes may be associated with other medical problems

Dry eye disease is seen in millions of people, commonly starting in middle age and above. It is one of the most common reasons for visits to an eye care professional’s office. Symptoms consist of irritation, red eyes, itching, pain, and the need to blink frequently to relieve symptoms and improve vision. These symptoms often… Read More

Diabetes & Hearing Loss: Know Your Risk

Recent studies by the National Institutes of Health show a strong and consistent link between hearing impairment and diabetes, with people with diabetes being twice as likely to have hearing loss. While the exact cause is still uncertain, experts believe that high blood sugar levels could damage the nerves and blood vessels of the inner… Read More

What is a cataract and what can be done to fix it?

Lens proteins develop in the eye and play a major role in focusing light onto the retina. This process allows the retina to “see” clear images, which can then be transferred to the visual center of the brain through the optic nerve. Cataract is a natural maturation of the lens in the eye. This process… Read More

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