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Pregnancy and your vision at North Shore Eye Care/SightMD

Pregnancy can cause physiologic changes throughout a woman’s body and the eyes are no exception. Many of these changes are relatively minor and completely reversible. The cornea which is the main lens in front of the eye is one of the areas of the eye that can become effected. With pregnancy the cornea can become… Read More

TearLab & InflammaDry: New Options for Dry Eye Patients

Chronic dry eye can be a debilitating eye condition that can potentially become very difficult to treat. The board certified ophthalmologists of North Shore Eye Care/SightMD have state of the art equipment available to them to help them evaluate and treat this chronic problem. a very common problem. It’s secondary to a reduction in the… Read More

Eye injuries in children

Eye injuries are more common in the Spring and Summer when children are more active. Close to 50% of all injuries occur during sports and recreational events, more often in children and teens than in any other age group. Adequate prevention is essential and could probably eliminate most injuries. Sports with high velocity balls, such… Read More

Visual loss can very common as patients age

As people age vision declines as well as most other bodily functions. This is due to a myriad of different causes such as loss of corneal clarity, cataract formation, glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration, as well as other less common disease states. It is quite common to have more than one cause for loss of… Read More

North Shore Eye Care/SightMD wishes you a safe 2017 Memorial Day

Eye protection is very important at all times unfortunately not everyone adheres to this recommendation until something happens to their eye/eyes. North Shore Eye Care/SightMD advocates safe and effective practice by utilizing protective eye wear whether its in the form of safety goggles or just plain sunglasses for ultraviolet light protection. Today, North Shore Eye… Read More

Top LASIK Surgeons in Long Island

  SightMD has some of the best LASIK surgeons in the Long Island New York area. As a matter of fact, SightMD has more “Top Doctors: New York Metro Area” than any other private practice in the Long Island, New York Area. “Top Doctors” is a list of doctors, in this case eye doctors and… Read More

Why do I only have difficulty hearing in crowds?

Very often patients will report that they seem to only have difficulty hearing in crowds. Communicating one on one or in small groups is fine, but in noisy restaurants or large gatherings it is difficult to separate the speaker from the background noise. If you are experiencing this, it is possible that you may have… Read More

Flashes and Floaters and discussing what to do

Floaters are part of the vitreous gel in the eye that cast shadows on the retina, the layer of cells lining the back of the eye that senses light and allows you to see. Floaters can appear as different shapes, such as dots, circles, lines, clouds or cobwebs. The eye is filled with a clear… Read More

Pink eye is often caused by viral infections and allergies

Viral conjunctivitis, a major form of pink eye, has been a difficult problem to treat as there have been no effective drugs to actively treat this disease much in the way that we can only treat the common cold symptomatically. Some viruses, particularly some strains of adenovirus can be particularly virulent living up to 4… Read More

Live LASIK surgery and seminar at North Shore Eye Care Tomorrow Night

LASIK is one of the most commonly performed elective procedures in this country with approximately 700,000 procedures performed annually in this country alone. LASIK has withstood the test of time after gaining FDA approval in this country in the mid 1990’s. It’s popularity stems from the fact that it is an extremely safe procedure offering… Read More

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