3 Ways to Pay for LASIK

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Are you considering undergoing LASIK but haven’t gotten to it because you don’t know how to pay for it?

Trust us when we say that you are not alone. LASIK is, after all, an elective surgical procedure. For insurance purposes, this means that any form of LASIK will not be covered.

This is true even with major insurance companies. Because of this fact, many hopeful LASIK patients feel that LASIK may be out of their reach.

We are here to tell you that LASIK can be affordable! Paying for it all at once may not be realistic but what about financing it? Keep reading for some creative ideas to help pay for LASIK!

Get A Second Job

While there are financing options for LASIK, some people would prefer to skip that route. If you’d rather find a way to earn the necessary cash yourself, one suggestion is to get a second job. There are traditional options like retail and the restaurant industry, for starters.

We’re not trying to suggest that you start pulling 80 hour weeks between your main job and the side gig, of course. There are many options for fun and even relaxing side gigs that may not even feel like work at all!

In fact, you may be able to skip looking for local part-time jobs and use your smartphone instead! Options include apps that offer dog sitting, dog walking, and house sitting.

You might even consider becoming an Uber or Lyft driver! Set up your account and start saving. To make that work, you need to have your own car, as well as a fondness for people. Who knows, you may even enjoy being an Uber or Lyft driver!

Sell, Sell, Sell

Maybe you’ve got a stash of collectibles gathering dust in a closet somewhere that’s worth a pretty penny. You don’t have to give up your beloved American Girl dolls or toys, but people will buy almost anything.

Another popular thing to sell is your clothes. We’re talking about clothes that are in good condition that may not fit or you just don’t wear.

There are several apps that will take your clothes like ThreadUp. Or you can try apps like Vinted or Poshmark which sets you up with a virtual closet.

Then you list the items you’re selling and wait for people to buy your goods. Couldn’t be easier! Be sure to take shipping into consideration when pricing clothes so you don’t lose money.

Use Your Creativity On Etsy

Do you have a knack for knitting? Are your handmade birthday cards the talk of every birthday party? Whatever your talent is, do a little bit of research on how to start selling on Etsy.

If you can think it, you can find it on Etsy. Handcrafted gifts are all the rage right now, so there’s never been a better time to set up a shop. Not feeling the online selling? You can try selling at local craft fairs in your area as well!

Want more information about paying for LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at one of SightMD’s 24 locations in the Long Island area today!

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