The Dr. Frank Verdone Memorial Symposium For Optometrists by SightMD

SightMD had its biannual Optometry Symposium at the Huntington Hilton Hotel in Melville, NY on Sunday January 21st.   The ophthalmologists at SightMD have a special relationship with local optometrists, who serve as primary eye care providers to many of our patients (about 80%).  We co-manage many cataract and LASIK patients with optometrists in the… Read More

Strabismus surgery

Strabismus, or a misalignment of the eyes can be treated with glasses, prism or surgery.  Surgery should be considered if glasses, prism or exercises can not remedy the underlying condition.  Most procedures take about an hour to perform but more complicated surgeries can take 2 hours+.  Strabismus surgery either loosens, tightens or repositions the muscles… Read More

Hearing and your Brain

Hearing is much more involved that just using the ear, it involves using the brain. Your brain plays an incredibly big part in how we communicate. Hearing aids give us the help to hear in quiet but also in noisy situations by decreasing the amount of noise we hear, allowing us to hear the speech… Read More

What is a Browlift

Browlifting is a procedure that is performed to restore drooping eyebrows back to their normal anatomic position. This procedure helps to rejuvenate the area around the eyes and restore peripheral vision that has been lost. Both surgical and non-surgical techniques can be used to achieve an elevated brow. When eyebrows begin to droop, they can… Read More

Giving Back in 2018 by Honoring our Community Superstars

At SightMD previously North Shore Eye Care in Long Island New York we have multiple locations across Long Island is delivering the best in LASIK at the best value to our community heroes. The promotion is for law enforcement, firefighters, EMT, nurses, doctors and teachers. Along with the best board certified LASIK surgeons in Long… Read More

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