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Here at SightMD, we are proud to offer our eye care services to the entire Long Island community whenever possible. We recently had the opportunity to do just that when Dr. John Mauro, one of Long Island’s top LASIK and cataract specialists, heard the story of a local woman who was in desperate need of emergency eye surgery.

25-year-old Arianna Padilla of Central Islip recently received some very distressing news – despite her young age, Ms. Padilla was told that she would completely lose her sight within a matter of months due to the onset of cataracts. Although largely found in older adults, cataracts can and do afflict people of younger ages as well, particularly those with diabetes and/or high blood sugar – which is the case with Arianna, who suffers from severe diabetes.

Ordinarily, the cost of cataract surgery is roughly $1500 per eye which is not an amount of money that Arianna would have been able to gather with enough time to spare, which is a common issue among people who live paycheck to paycheck. In her own words, “I don’t have the money.”

Health First and Arianna’s regular eye doctors attempted to put together a plan to cover the costs, but after a local news organization published her story and arrangements had still not been made, Dr. Mauro decided to take action and volunteered to perform the necessary cataract surgery at no charge to save the sight in both of her eyes. The operation was a success and Arianna now no longer has to worry about being able to drive, missing the sight of her 9-month old son grow or living her life to its fullest.

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