Research Studies at SightMD

One of the most exciting aspects of medicine is the continuing innovation, scientific exploration, and research into how we can provide enhanced care for our patients. The field of ophthalmology has been on the forefront and recipient of revolutionizing technology, novel medications, premium devices, and innovative surgical techniques. Individually or combined, these advancements have provided patients with better vision and improved treatment options.

At SightMD we are continuously coupling efforts with top-tiered patient-centric industry leading companies to bring the newest techniques, technologies, and medications to our patients through our Department of Clinical Research. Lead by Dr. Alanna Nattis, she has designed, developed, and exclusively accessed investigational treatment studies for wide-ranging ophthalmic conditions such as severe dry eye, glaucoma, refractive and cataract surgery, and retinal pathologies. Having direct access to FDA clinical trials uniquely provides SightMD with state-of-the-art care for our current and future patients.

We are currently recruiting for several active clinical trials. Please contact us for more information!

For inquiries, please contact Head Research Coordinator- Heather McBride: 631-957-2816