SightMD’s Dr. Alanna Nattis Co-Authors Article On The Benefits of The Surgical Correction of Astigmatism During Cataract Surgery

In a co-authored press release, Dr. Alanna Nattis discussed the importance of achieving optimal refractive outcomes during cataract surgery carefully managing and executing limbal relaxing incisions and astigmatic keratotomies. She added that astigmatic keratotomies and limbal relaxing incisions alone or during cataract surgery provide today’s surgeons with a keystone procedure that improves patient quality of vision, quality of life, and satisfaction with the procedure. Dr. Nattis listed the different options for treating corneal astigmatism: Toric intraocular lenses, excimer laser photoablation, femtosecond laser lenticule removal, conductive keratoplasty, limbal relaxing incisions (LRIs), and astigmatic keratotomies (AKs). In her conclusion, Dr. Nattis confirmed that astigmatic corneal surgery with a diamond knife or a femtosecond laser dramatically improves cataract surgery refractive results. 

To read the complete article, please click this link.

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