Basics of Pediatric Ophthalmology: A Lecture from Dr. Liebert

Michelle Liebert, M.D., a pediatric ophthalmologist at SightMD, recently presented a lecture titled the Basics of Pediatric Ophthalmology in Levittown, NY. In this lecture, she discussed the below key topics in pediatric ophthalmology today:

  • Diseases that disrupt visual development in children
  • Management of ocular diseases
  • When to perform surgery or prescribe glasses for children
  • Conditions that impact visual development
  • Evaluation and treatment of common eye conditions, such as strabismus, amblyopia, and esotropia
  • Differences between prescribing glasses for adults and children
  • Fitting frames for children

Following her lecture, Dr. Liebert received a certificate from The Optician’s Alliance of New York for efforts in Continuing Education. Dr. Liebert has been practicing pediatric eye care on Long Island for over twelve years. Her specialties include strabismus surgery, amblyopia treatment, retinopathy of prematurity, pediatric plastics, and general pediatric ophthalmology.

For more information about children’s eye care at SightMD, contact our offices today!


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