Cataract Surgery with Astigmatism Correction for 2018

The eye physicians and surgeons of SightMD previously North Shore Eye Care are fully committed to providing the best eye care on Long Island. Our eye doctors specialize in cataract surgery, and helping our patients get the most out of their experience.

We perform cataract surgery with topical anesthesia. We also offer laser cataract surgery which is a completely bladeless technique. No injections are used. Our small incision technique allows for self-sealing wounds. The entire procedure is sutureless. Once the cataract has been removed, our patients are given the option of implanting whichever type of lens he or she feels will be of most benefit to him or her.

The standard lens is a monofocal lens. This lens allows for excellent vision for those patients who don’t have significant astigmatism. Astigmatism is an abnormal contour or shape of the cornea. This leads to blurry vision that can be corrected with either glasses or a contact lens. The standard intraocular lens (IOL) is very good at correcting for near-sightedness or far-sightedness, but it cannot correct for astigmatism. For this reason, patients with significant astigmatism who undergo cataract surgery, but get the “standard” lens implant, often require glasses postoperatively to correct for their astigmatism.

The toric lens is a type of IOL available to patients with significant astigmatism. This lens is able to correct for astigmatism, in addition to near and far-sightedness. The cataract surgeons at SightMD/North Shore Eye Care are skilled in the implantation of these types of lenses.

When you are ready to consider cataract surgery, call one of our eight office locations across long island for an evaluation. Ask your doctor about your options and if you would be a good candidate for a toric lens. There are many choices available out there, and you need all the information to make an informed decision about the type of lens that would work best for you.

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