Cataract Surgery and What Lens Options Are Available

At SightMD, previously North Shore Eye Care , we give the ability to patients to see far and near. Our board certified doctors offer the best in intraocular lens (IOL) technology. We perform over a thousand cataract surgery procedures each year. We use a technique free of injections, sutures, or eye patches. All of our doctors enjoy using these improved implants because it allows our patients more freedom and range of their vision. Our board certified eye doctors do the very best techniques when it comes to cataract surgery including performing cataract surgery without stitches, eye patches or even a needle injection around the eye. We use numbing eye drops and IV sedation and usually complete the cataract surgery in about 10 minutes. Our patients stay in their own clothes and return home the very same day. A cataract is a natural clouding or yellowing of the lens inside your eye. Cataract surgery, the cataract or cloudy lens of the eye is removed through a small incision using ultrasound technology called phacoemulsification. The cloudy lens is replaced with an intraocular lens implant or IOL.

Our eye doctors  also use premium lens implants. All of these premium lenses give patients better far and near vision without the use of glasses and contact lenses. We also use the Acrysof  and Tecnis Toric implants to reduce or eliminate astigmatism. Our advanced cataract surgery usually lasts just several minutes and patients return to the comfort of their home in a few hours. Our physicians offer several premium IOLs that accommodate or are multifocal in nature. These lenses are the ReSTOR and Tecnis Multifocal and Symfony extended depth of focus lens. All of these lenses aim to reduce a patient’s need for glasses for far and near. With these latest advance in intraocular lens technology, our patients have the opportunity to further improve their vision and decrease their need for glasses or contact lenses.

The cataract surgeons at smithtown new york in long island have been leaders in cataract surgery for years. Our board certified eye surgeons strive to give the very best experience for every patient. We are constantly learning and teaching new cataract surgery techniques and always have the best technology at our disposal. From the moment you walk through the doors you will know that you are in the right place for eye care. Our staff is kind and courteous and every employee knows that the patient comes first.

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