Cataract Surgery and Blood Thinners

Cataract-Surgery-and-Blood-ThinnersThe board certified cataract doctors and cataract surgeons at SightMD are often asked about blood thinning medications around the time of cataract surgery. There has been a fair number of opinions when it comes to blood thinners. Our board certified eye doctors and eye surgeons have similar opinions.

There are several blood thinners that may increase risk of bleeding in surgery. The most common are coumadin, plavix, aspirin, and vitamin E. These medications are used to thin the blood which is beneficial to blood circulation including heart health. When it comes to cataract surgery at our Long Island eye care practice, we do not routinely use needle injections around the eyes, stitches or even an eye patch. The risk of bleeding in our technique of modern cataract surgery is very low. It is important that you speak to your primary care doctor and ask if it would be safe to temporarily stop blood thinners. If it is not safe to do so, our doctors comply with your primary care doctor’s request. Our cataract surgeons are comfortable doing cataract surgery on patients that are anti-coagulated.

The reason for our comfort level with anticoagulation is that our cataract surgery is minimally invasive and bloodless in most cases. Our incision is made in the clear cornea, which does not have blood vessels. For this reason, opinions have changed in eye surgery and many feel that cessation of blood thinners is unnecessary.

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