Cataract Surgery and Pseudoexfoliation

Cataract Surgery and PseudoexfoliationSightMD has been a leader in cataract surgery for many years. Our eye care practice has board certified cataract surgeons that specialize in routine cataract surgery as well as cataract surgery in complex clinical settings. We take the time to thoroughly examine each patient’s eyes to make sure that we provide the absolute best chance at a perfect result in cataract surgery. Our board certified eye surgeons continually strive to be the very best when it comes to cataract surgery technique and technology. SightMD has been named a National Crystalens Cataract Surgery Center of Excellence by Bausch and Lomb.

Pseudoexfoliation is an eye condition that presents with a dandruff-like whitish material being deposited on the surface of the lens of the eye. This can present in subtle fashion or can be quite striking. We now realize that pseudoexfoliation material can be found throughout the body, but we only know the significance of the pathology in the eye. A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens of the eye. The natural lens of the eye is attached to the wall of the eye by connective tissue strands called zonules. These zonules are responsible for support of the lens of the eye. In cataract surgery, we depend on the support of the zonules to complete cataract surgery safely. In pseudoexfoliation, the zonular apparatus can be quite weak making the lens dangerously unstable. In the worst cases, the lens of the eye can fall to the back of the eye during cataract surgery necessitating a second eye surgery to retrieve the dropped lens.

Our board certified cataract surgeons specialize in difficult cataract cases like patients with pseudoexfoliation. We take special precautions with these cataract surgeries such as using iris hooks or iris rings for better visualization. We also use more gentle cataract surgery techniques so that we minimally stress the zonules that are already weak. In most cases, even the more difficult cataract cases, surgery proceeds in routine fashion without complications.

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