Tecnis SymfonyWith age comes a lot of change. Once you reached your middle age, chances are you noticed an all-too-common phenomenon: presbyopia. After 40, it is common for people to have to hold their phone, book or magazine at an arm’s length to be able to focus on the words. You’re not alone! Luckily, you have new options like the Symfony IOL.

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is an age-related refractive error. Unlike other refractive errors, presbyopia has nothing to do with the shape of the cornea, but rather the natural lens behind the iris. This natural lens is responsible for “accommodating” near vision by bending and focusing light. As you age, this lens becomes more rigid and loses elasticity. As a result, it is no longer able to flex and accommodate near vision.

What are the Treatments?

Most people correct presbyopia through the use of reading glasses. While they are certainly helpful, some people find them annoying and aging. Constantly needing reach for your reading glasses at a restaurant or at the grocery store is no ones idea of fun. So, if you don’t want to get stuck with reading glasses, what are your options?

The Symfony IOL

The newly FDA-approved Tecnis Symfony IOL is a type of lens that gets implanted into your eye. Symfony is the only IOL (intraocular lens) on the market that correct presbyopia! The symphony IOL also comes in a Toric version, meaning it can correct astigmatism and presbyopia together!

The Symfony IOL is an accommodating lens that bends when you look at something close up, allowing you to see clearly again!

The Procedure

The Symfony IOL can be implanted during cataract surgery or a refractive lens exchange. Both procedures are essentially the same, but correct different conditions.

To implant the Symfony IOL, your surgeon will create a series of small incision in the cornea. Through these incisions, you surgeon can access the natural lens for removal. Once the natural lens is removed completely, your surgeon will replace it with the Symfony IOL. That’s it!

The Benefits of the Tecnis Symfony IOL

So, why do people get this surgery instead of just wearing reading glasses? As mentioned above, for some people, it’s a convenience thing. But there are many tangible benefits to getting the Symfony IOL over wearing reading glasses.

  • All-distance vision. The Symfony IOL allows you to experience clear vision at all distances. Yes, that means you can see clearly at near, intermediate and far distances!
  • High-quality vision. Especially for those with cataracts, living with blurry, distorted and discolored vision can be frustrating. The Symfony IOL eliminates those problems. The Symfony IOL can provide you with crisp, clear vision.
  • Low incidence of halos and glare. With other IOLs, halos and glares are somewhat common side effects. The Symfony IOL has been shown to have fewer incidences of halos and glare!

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