TECNIS® Toric IOLsEver a leader in the use of state-of-the-art technologies, SightMD is proud to offer TECNIS® Toric IOLs, or intraocular lenses (inserted within the eye to replace the natural lens), at our practice for the treatment of astigmatism in cataract patients. These lenses offer several benefits over traditional IOL lenses.

Astigmatism describes a condition in which the eyeball is oblong in shape, rather than spherical, causing blurred vision. Patients with astigmatism were previously required to continue to wear glasses or have LASIK surgery in addition to cataract surgery. Today, with the introduction of the TECNIS® Toric IOL at our Long Island practices, both conditions are solved at once.

These IOLs have an exceptionally high rotational stability – meaning a more consistent, stable implant – versus existing IOL options. The one-piece lens can correct loss of focus from astigmatism as low as one diopter. The Toric 1-Piece IOL can return a patient’s confidence and clarity of vision. For more information on how this revolutionary lens can improve your life, contact our eye care center today.

Who Is a Candidate?

Patients who will benefit from our newest lens technology are those who:

  • Have been diagnosed with pre-existing corneal astigmatism rated at one diopter or greater. The TECNIS® Toric will not be effective for patients with less than one diopter of astigmatism.
  • Have undergone or are undergoing cataract treatment in which the natural lens has been or will be removed.
  • Do not have certain other conditions, including choroidal hemorrhage, an extremely shallow anterior chamber, severe and untreated glaucoma, microphthalmus, proliferative diabetic retinopathy, severe optic nerve atrophy, corneal dystrophy, or irregular astigmatism. Patients with macular degeneration, glaucoma and some other conditions may be better suited for one of our other lenses. An in-depth evaluation into each patient’s eyes will help determine what route is best for his or her health and lifestyle.
  • Are 2 years of age or older.

Patients who are not candidates for this lens may be a candidate for another lens, LASIK surgery, limbal relaxing incisions, or eyewear, each of which can sharpen an astigmatism patient’s vision. These options help us decipher the best plan of action for each cataract patient with astigmatism.

The TECNIS® Toric IOL is inserted during outpatient surgery, utilizing precise data collection to ensure that each IOL is placed in the perfect position. A tiny incision through which the surgery is performed is closed post-surgery, sealing itself closed. The procedure is painless and has little healing time.

Why Choose the TECNIS® Toric IOL?

We are proud to offer our patients several options regarding cataract and astigmatism treatment. Our practiced surgeons and staff create a unique eye treatment and care plan for each patient. Patients with astigmatism can now enjoy the same freedoms that IOL cataract lenses offer to other cataract patients.

The TECNIS® Toric has been judged by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and found to exceed its standards for toric lens rotational stability. During the ANSI’s study, 94 percent of patients experienced a less than 5 percent rotation of the axis within the eye. Simply put, this lens stays in place, causing less change in vision during healing than with many other treatments. Other treatments include:

  • Wearing glasses after standard cataract surgery.
  • Wearing a specialized toric contact lens after standard cataract surgery.
  • Limbal relaxing incisions, which give the cornea a more rounded shape and reduce small to medium degrees of astigmatism.
  • LASIK surgery following cataract replacement. The use of AcrySof® Toric IOL, which also treats astigmatism in cataract patients. Our team helps each patient decide upon the best treatment path.

Cataract removal and IOL placement takes just a few minutes and is done as an outpatient surgery. Patients return home the same day with little to no discomfort, and patients experience blurred vision for only a few days after surgery.

In addition to the TECNIS® Toric and AcrySof® lenses for astigmatic cataract patients, SightMD offers the Crystalens® IOL for cataract treatment in near- and far-sighted patients, and the ReSTOR® IOL for vision over a wide range of distances. We also have TECNIS®-brand multifocal IOLs. Whatever your vision ailment, there are options for vision correction post-cataract surgery.

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