SightMDCatalys is proud to offer laser cataract surgery. With the Catalys® Precision Laser System, our eye surgeons have exceptional control over every phase of cataract surgery and can remove cataracts with a degree of precision never before possible. While patients of SightMD have always had access to cataract surgery of the highest standard, the Catalys System® makes the procedure even safer, more comfortable, and more predictable in terms of its outcome.

How the CATALYS® Laser Works

CATALYS® improves upon our already exceptional cataract removal techniques. The laser system allows our doctors to execute each step of cataract surgery with more accuracy, from the initial planning stage to the placement of the intraocular lens (IOL).

Mapping and CustomizationThe Integral Guidance System™

The CATALYS® features the Integral Guidance System™, an advanced optical coherence tomography (OCT) system that scans the eye, creating a detailed 3D map so our surgeons can provide truly customized treatment. The Integral Guidance System™ allows our surgeons to target selected sites with absolute precision while leaving the surrounding “safety zones” untouched. This technology works in conjunction with the Liquid Optics™ Interface, which docks to the patient’s eye throughout the surgery. Liquid Optics™ uses a special liquid to fill in irregularities in the corneal surface, providing our doctors with a clear view of the entire eye during each stage of treatment. This interface has been proven to minimize the rise in intraocular pressure during surgery and minimize contact between the system and the sclera to minimize post-surgical redness.

Corneal Incisions

While a patient’s eye is under constant evaluation by the Integral Guidance System™, the CATALYS® Laser can begin the steps of treatment. The laser creates precise corneal incisions in the cornea to access the lens capsule, which contains the cataract-affected lens. The CATALYS® Laser is also FDA approved to create sideport incisions, improving the accuracy of cataract surgery.

Anterior Capsulotomy

Once initial corneal incisions have been made, the CATALYS® creates a circular opening in the lens capsule that is approximately 10 times more accurate than is possible with hand-held tools used in traditional cataract surgery. This portion of the lens capsule is removed, providing access to the cataract-affected lens.


With the lens now accessible, the CATALYS® is able to soften and segment the lens in a grid pattern. This allows our surgeons to more easily remove the cataract using hand-held tools and ultrasound energy. By contrast, in traditional cataract surgery the lens is broken up using only ultrasound energy. Because it first softens and segments the lens, the CATALYS® allows our surgeons to take a more conservative approach, using far less ultrasound energy to remove the lens fragments. This may be conducive to a faster visual recovery.

Lens Placement

Following cataract removal, our doctors will manually implant an IOL within the eye to restore vision. Because of the precision incisions used during the removal of the cataract, our surgeons can place the IOL with a greater degree of accuracy than is possible in traditional cataract surgery. SigntMD’s premium line of IOLs work excellently with the precision of the CATALYS® System. SightMD doctors utilize ORA Optiwave technology to analyze each eye’s unique characteristics and determine which IOL will produce the best possible results.

Limbal Relaxing Incisions

In some cases, our doctors may also perform limbal relaxing incisions during cataract surgery to reduce astigmatism. These precise incisions refocus light entering the eye with more predictable outcomes and successful vision improvement than with a handheld blade.

A New Frontier in Cataract Surgery

The experts of SightMD have performed thousands of successful traditional cataract surgeries, which is still an excellent treatment option. For those patients who are exploring the next level of precision in this treatment, laser cataract surgery represents a new frontier. Our trusted eye care professionals are ready to answer your questions regarding laser cataract surgery, including its cost, the recovery period, and your candidacy.

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