ORA Optiwave

ORA OptiwaveWe are proud to feature the ORA System as a part of our cataract treatment technology at SightMD. This revolutionary system is the first of its kind to gather data from no-contact intraoperative wavefront aberrometry during cataract surgery. Using this information, our ORA System helps us select intraocular lenses, or IOLs, that match a patient’s precise needs regarding lens power, magnitude and axis of astigmatism, and aphakic and pseudophakic measurements.

As with any eye care procedure, it is of paramount importance that we establish an open line of communication with each patient to develop a long-term eye care and procedural plan to meet his or her goals.

Why It’s Revolutionary

The ORA System® collects intraoperative wavefront data from which our practiced team can select the most precise IOLs to meet the needs of each patient. Cataract treatment has several dimensions that must be addressed. This system is an aid in choosing the IOL power and which type of lens – standard, premium, or toric – will be inserted post-cataract removal.

This system collects measurements using aphakic, pseudophakic, and refractive measurements that affect the severity of vision impairment. From this data, we decipher which IOL is most appropriate for each eye. The abberometer measurements also determine LRIs, or limbal relaxing incisions, that can help reduce a cataract patient’s astigmatism, which was once possible only with the use of glasses or contacts.

VerifEye™ Hardware

VerifEye™ is a monitoring hardware within the ORA System® that provides continuous astigmatic feedback as IOLs are more frequently used in cataract patient astigmatism therapy.

This technology enhances the information that the ORA System® collects through its three cameras, creating refractive feedback. This feedback allows our trained team to know when refraction is fully stabilized and can give more precise lens power calculations. VerifEye™ has also increased the processing speed of the system as a whole.

Who Benefits from ORA System®?

The ORA System® is, effectually, a system that will benefit any cataract patient who needs a lens replacement. It provides some of the most advanced, intuitive data to our ophthalmologists in real-time to select an IOL lens that both restores vision distorted by the cataract and corrects vision problems including astigmatism.

The procedure for cataract lens replacement is astonishingly fast and precise with the assistance of ORA System®. We establish the severity and type of vision impairment using Optiwave® technology. This data is then used to establish the ideal lens for each eye. The real-time data produced during surgeries that utilize the ORA System® means that SightMD is producing more accurate, longer-lasting results for our cataract patients, leaving them with renewed confidence in their eyesight and satisfaction with their procedures.

Post surgery, the AnalyzOR database within the ORA System® allows us to both review the outcome of each surgery and compare it against initial measurements of the eye . This data map can referenced to determine the success of each surgery and compare its results against similar cases within a global database accessed within AnalyzOR.

Because of the use of ORA System® national studies have shown most patients report clearer, restored vision and fewer errors in lens choice. This state-of-the-art equipment truly helps our SightMD professionals select the proper procedures and equipment for each patient – a great improvement from the first use of cataract surgery, after which patients would still require the use of contact lenses, glasses or LASIK surgery.

Cataract Treatment at SightMD

We are proud to offer several cataract treatment options and unique IOL options that fit the needs of patients with vision impairment ranging from nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and other conditions.

There are multiple treatments for cataract surgery, one of which is the phaco, or phacoemulsification, surgery. In this type of surgery, the cataract within the eye is broken up using ultrasound waves and removed with suction. The IOL, selected using the assistance of ORA System®, is then inserted in the cataract’s place. Surgery is pain-free with localized anesthetic and can be performed in about 10 minutes. Once the surgery is complete, patients return home the same day.

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