Secondary Cataract

Overcoming Vision Obstruction after Surgery

Secondary Cataract Long IslandA cataract is a clouding of the natural lens of the eye. As a cataract progresses, patients begin to have symptoms such as glare with oncoming headlights at night, glare with sunlight, and blurred vision. When the symptoms interfere with a patient’s quality of life, cataract surgery is considered. At SightMD, we perform advanced cataract surgery. Our patients stay in their own clothes and are able to return home the same day. We use IV sedation and eye drops to numb the surface of the eye. We remove the defective lens using gentle ultrasound and then replace it with an intraocular lens implant or IOL. There are no needles, no eye patch, and no stitches used in most cases. The eye surgeons at our eye care practice specialize in cataract surgery and premium implants.

We have been named a National Crystalens Cataract Surgery Center of Excellence by

Bausch and Lomb

The new implant is placed in the capsule that held the original cataract. This clear capsule is equivalent to the skin of a grape. In cataract surgery, our board certified cataract surgeons open a 5 millimeter circular opening in the skin of the grape. The fruit or cataract is removed and then the IOL is placed in the skin of the grape. In 30% of patients that have cataract surgery, the capsule can become cloudy. As the patient heals, the clouding of the capsule can cause glare and blurred vision.

This occurs months after cataract surgery in the usual case, but can also happen years later. Because the visual symptoms are similar to the original cataract, the term secondary cataract was used. The true term is posterior capsule opacity. Secondary cataract is not accurate because capsule opacity has nothing to do with the original cataract, which was removed and never returns.

If capsule opacity affects vision, we perform a Yag Capsulotomy in the office. The Yag laser is a gentle laser that is able to remove the central part of the capsule so that a patient regains clear vision. The procedure is quick and painless and patients return to normal activity immediately.

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