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Why Do I Need A Hearing Exam?

Do you remember the last time you had a hearing exam? Do you find it difficult to hear people when they talk quietly? If you do not know when your last exam was, and you experience any of these hearing issues, it might be time for an exam. Hearing issues are a lot more common… Read More

Exercising your heart while protecting your ears

Millions of people begin a new exercise program when the new year starts. If you’re planning to kick start your fitness this year, you’re not alone. As a successful strategy for losing weight and getting in shape, exercise is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. But is there a way you can exercise… Read More

The Other Effects Of Hearing Loss

When we talk about hearing loss, it’s typically most common to discuss how we hear, what is “normal” hearing vs. hearing loss, and what is the best way to address the issue. The effect of hearing loss on a person reaches much farther than just the inability to hear accurately. Over time, the consistent inability… Read More

How to choose a hearing aid style

There are many choices to make when deciding on a hearing aid. You must consider the hearing aid style, technology, and color. Even if you have been wearing hearing aids for years, styles and technology have changed. Options can be confusing, but keep in mind that our job as doctoral-level audiologists is to guide you… Read More

May is Better Hearing Month, the Perfect time to Have Your Hearing Checked

At Sight MD and Hearing we are raising awareness about the importance of hearing healthcare. May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, which makes it a great time to have your hearing evaluated to identify if you are suffering from hearing loss. For millions of Americans, this time of year has increased their awareness of… Read More

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) occurs when you lose your hearing quickly. It typically only happens in one ear, and can happen overnight or over the span of a few days. During this time, sound gradually becomes faint and people lose the clarity of words. Many people who experience SSNHL also report hearing a “pop,”… Read More

What is an audiogram?

A hearing evaluation is actually a number of tests performed by an Audiologist that help to determine whether or not you have hearing loss. The results from the hearing tests are often displayed in the form of an audiogram. The audiogram is a graph which gives a detailed description of your hearing ability. It is… Read More

Hearing Aids – It’s An Adjustment

Deborah LaBel, M.S.

One very common misconception about hearing aids is that they are “just like eyeglasses,” meaning that once you put them on, your hearing troubles are immediately “corrected,” much the same as eyeglasses “correct” your vision when worn. Eyeglasses are considered corrective because when properly set and worn, your vision will be improved to the normal… Read More

Are You Really Saving Money By Purchasing Hearing Aids Online?

There has been a huge push recently to provide cheaper hearing aids to the public by allowing the public to purchase hearing aids over the internet using a one-size-fits-all approach. However, there are multiple factors involved in choosing the proper hearing devices for an individuals hearing loss. The online approach will not work because it… Read More

Hearing Issues and What Can Happen

Slow projected speech, eye contact and most importantly patience is key to communication. Here at SightMD and Hearing we are very diligent when working with our patients. Good communication is essential so our patients understand critical details about medications and surgeries and other procedures. Our goal is to empower our hearing-impaired patients and provide them… Read More

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