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How Often Should My Child Have Eye Exams?

Are you starting to wonder when you need to bring your child in for an eye exam? Have you noticed signs that your child might have vision problems? It’s probably time to bring your child in for an eye exam. Keep reading to learn some of the signs and symptoms your child needs an eye… Read More

What is a Lazy Eye

We’ve all heard the term “lazy eye,” but what does it mean? Every day, we see patients here at SightMD. Some have a lazy eye or other conditions like ptosis or strabismus. Keep reading to learn more about these conditions! “Lazy eye” isn’t the right term A lazy eye is a generic term that implies… Read More

What To Do about Flashes and Floaters

Floaters are part of the vitreous gel in the eye that cast shadows on the retina, the layer of cells lining the back of the eye that senses light and allows you to see. Floaters can appear as different shapes, such as dots, circles, lines, clouds or cobwebs. The eye is filled with a clear… Read More

Why would my child’s head be tilted?

There are many reasons why a baby could tilt their head. One of the most common is due to torticollis from birth trauma due to abnormal contraction of the neck muscles. Some children, however, could adopt a tilted head position to avoid or compensate for double vision caused by a congenital 4th nerve palsy or… Read More

What is the difference between iLASIK and traditional LASIK?

SightMD, previously known as North Shore Eye Care, the 2018 Official LASIK Provider for the New York Mets, is delivering the best in LASIK at the best value to our community. Offering discounts to our superstars. The promotion is for law enforcement, firefighters, EMT’s, nurses, doctors and teachers. Along with the best board certified LASIK… Read More

Does my child need an eye exam?

How are young children examined? What if they can’t read or can’t understand the eye chart? What if they manipulate the chart? These are common questions parents ask of Pediatric Ophthalmologists. One aspect of Pediatric Ophthalmology that is very different than adult Ophthalmology is that a visual acuity test is use as a guide for… Read More

SightMD was voted #1 again by Bethpage Best of Long Island in 2017

SightMD was voted #1 again by Bethpage Best of Long Island in 2017!  This time, we were voted #1 in three categories, adding Best Cosmetic Surgeon to our list of distinction as Best Ophthalmologist and Best LASIK Center.  This continues our winning streak in 2015 and 2016.  In addition to having the honor of being… Read More

SightMD expands eye care in Smithtown New York with Opening of Expanded Office

SightMD is getting ready to expand eye care services in the Smithtown New York location in Long Island.  In this larger office, we are dedicating the new eye care space to eye doctors that specialize in pediatric ophthalmology and ophthalmic plastic surgery.   SightMD is an eye care practice that was originally started in 1962 by… Read More

What types of refractive errors are present in children?

Children, like adults, oftentimes need glasses.  The need for glasses is determined by the child’s refractive error.  There are, essentially, 3 types of refractive errors: myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.  All refractive errors occur due to structural differences in the eye.  In order for people to see, images are typically reflected in the front of the… Read More

Dilating drops, what are they and are they necessary?

Dilating drops are an integral part of the eye exam for adults and for children.  They allow the doctor to see past the pupil, to examine the inside of the eye.  They allow us to diagnose conditions such as Glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy and Macular degeneration.  In addition, they relax they ability for children to accomodate,… Read More

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