Diabetes: Treat Early and Often

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With many chronic conditions, you can’t tell who is healthy and who is not by looking at them. This is especially the case when it comes to diabetic eye diseases.

You may have perfect vision, but as a diabetic, you’re more likely to have diabetic eye diseases. So what can you do?

The importance of diabetic eye exams

Diabetic eye exams are crucial because they can discover conditions before vision loss. Anyone with diabetes needs to have a retinal exam at least once a year. To be safest, you may even want a retinal exam twice a year.

Yes, this is still the case even if you have perfect vision. Hiding under that perfect vision could be a diabetic eye disease stealing your sight!

Many people come in to see a retina specialist and find out they have diabetic eye disease. Not only that but now they need injections in their eyes every month and other treatments. How can this be if their vision seems fine?

People with a certain level of diabetic eye disease need early and regular treatment. This is regardless of any symptoms they may or may not have.

This is because once you have symptoms like vision loss, the disease has become advanced. The earlier diabetic eye diseases get diagnosed, the earlier treatment can begin.

Treating diabetic eye diseases

Treating diabetic eye disease is actually quick and painless. Thankfully, they don’t affect your vision or cause any downtime. You don’t need to take off from work, skip the gym, or cancel your weekend trip.

What’s best is that as long as you come in for your treatment and follow up, you can keep seeing well enough to do what you want. This includes any of your everyday activities. But this is only the case if you catch a diabetic eye disease early on. If you wait until you notice vision loss, it’s a different experience.

You may take part in costly treatments that can’t reverse any visual acuity loss. Ultimately, waiting until the disease has already progressed means saving your remaining vision.

It’s entirely possible you could end up with permanent blindness. You may also experience bleeding in the eye, scar tissue, and lack of oxygen to the eye as you become blind. Want to avoid these negatives? Remember to have retinal eye exams regularly!

Will my insurance cover these exams?

All our exams, treatments, and follow-ups are covered by your health insurance. There is no reason anybody should ever lose vision or go blind from diabetic eye disease. As a diabetic, your higher premiums cover retina exams.

You are much more likely to develop diabetic eye diseases if your blood sugar is too high. Keeping your diabetes under control reduces your risks of developing diabetic eye diseases.

There is no way to completely remove your risk of diabetic eye diseases if you are diabetic, but you can significantly reduce them!

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