Dr. Alanna Nattis Featured As First Author In ASCRS Article On Outcomes Of Keratoconus Patients Undering Topo-Guided PRK After Cross-Linking

In an article published by ASCRS & ESCRS, Dr. Alanna Nattis discussed the outcomes achieved in a study with Keratoconus patients who were first treated with corneal cross-linking and followed up with a topography-guided PRK procedure.  Dr. Nattis reported that the participants reviewed patients who were diagnosed with keratoconus who had been treated with corneal cross-linking (CXL). After their CXL procedure, the patients participating in the study were treated topography-guided PRK to improve their vision. Dr. Nattis said of the 56 patients treated, 34 patients had both topographic and refractive treatment, while 28 patients received treatment only for topographic irregularities. Dr. Nattis reported the data collected on both group supports the use of refractive treatment in addition to topographic treatment for visual improvement in patients with keratoconus having CXL and PRK.

To read the complete article, please click on this link.

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