Dry Eye Disease is a new Hot Topic

Chronic dry eye can be a debilitating eye condition that can potentially become very difficult to treat. The doctors of North Shore Eye Care, a division of SightMD, have state of the art equipment available to them to help them evaluate and treat this chronic problem.

Dry eye is a very common problem. It’s secondary to a reduction in the quantity of tears, increased evaporation of tears, and chronic inflammation which causes a reduction in the quality of tears. All of these factors contribute to a poor tear film. This causes various symptoms such as burning, tearing, foreign body sensation, and blurred vision. It also contributes to red, irritated eyes that look tired and worn. In order for your eyes to be functioning properly, they require a healthy tear film. Without it, you will not see your best. At your next visit, we encourage you to ask for a dry eye work up. Using sophisticated equipment, we are able to quantify exactly how dry you are. We are also able to determine how inflammed your eye are, which directly correlates to your level of dry eyes and the symptoms associated with it. Furthermore, at your follow up visits, we can repeat these tests and monitor your improvement objectively.

Treating this condition requires a multifaceted approach. We must increase lubrication, decrease evaporation and improve the quality of the tears. We have various ways of doing this and we tailor the treatment regimen to each patient’s individual needs.  Treatment involves nutrition with a healthy diet, oral dry eye supplements, occlusion of the tear drainage system, artificial tears, and even prescription drops that improve the quality of your own natural tears.  Anything that increases the moisure in the air helps as well.

If you suspect you have been living with dry eyes, call our offices today. See what the ophthalmologists of SightMD can do you.  We are located in Manhattan, Queens, and across Long Island.

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