Is your hearing affected by other daily activities?

There are many daily activities that we do during the day. Spinning is a great way to stay in shape. With the success of chains like SoulCycle it is apparent that growing numbers of people enjoy this type of fitness class. Part of the appeal of the classes is the inspirational beat of the music that keeps you moving. Oftentimes that music is played quite loudly and many participants like it that way. But that music may be doing damage to your hearing.

Research that was published in the October 2016 issue of The Laryngoscope found that noise levels in “randomly sampled cycling classes may have high noise levels with a potential for noise-induced hearing loss.” The researchers randomly selected 15 cycling classes in the and recorded the sound levels from the class start to finish using a sound level meter app on a smartphone. They found that 31 minutes were spent at levels of over 100 dBA. This exceeds the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s (NIOSH) recommendation of exposure at 100 dBA for 15 minutes or less per day.

One 45 minute spin class was equivalent to 8 times the NIOSH recommended amount of noise exposure for an 8 hour workday. Spin instructors who may teach multiple classes per day and participants who cycle multiple times per week are most at risk for damage to their hearing. They should consider monitoring the noise levels they are exposed to and even wearing a pair of earplugs to prevent damage.

Loud music isn’t just for spin classes, any workout class with loud music can put your ears at risk for damage. If you are concerned about your hearing call North Shore Eye Care and Hearing Services at 1-855-295-4144 for an appointment. Our Audiologists will test your hearing, discuss the results and determine what type of hearing protection would be best for your next workout.

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