Going Digital with the Alcon NGENUITY 3D Visualization System

Visualization in the operating theater is of paramount importance to a successful surgical outcome, and ophthalmology is on the cusp of a new era. Our doctors are finding success with the NGENUITY® 3D Visualization System with DATAFUSIONTM. SightMD’s very own, Dr. Eric Rosenberg has been leading the national transformation in the Cornea, Cataract and Complex Anterior Segment fields by highlighting the significant advantages to both the surgeon and the patient by going Digital with the Alcon NGENUITY 3D Heads-Up Surgical Digital Display system. Akin to the evolution from typewriter to computer or from propeller plane to Boeing 737, the new system complements the surgeon at multiple levels improving safety, outcomes, visualization, and ergonomics.

using NGENUITY 3d visualization system during surgery


This allows for similar surgical efficiency to using standard microscopes even in high volume surgical centers performing anterior segment procedures like cataract surgery.  The advanced image processing and lighting can provide for a more comfortable patient experience while providing the surgeon with an uncompromised surgical view.  The NGENUITY® 3D Visualization System provides the flexibility to use personal protective equipment such as N95 respirators without some of the challenges experienced with oculars on a traditional microscope.

What is NGENUITY®?

The NGENUITY® 3D Visualization System features four primary components: a 3D high dynamic range camera, a 3D ultra-high-definition surgical display, an ultra-high-speed image processor and passive, polarized 3D glasses.  This camera uniquely offers true stereoscopic 3D imaging with two full HD complementary sensors that do not require alignment, focus or synchronization. 

Benefits & Advantages

The implementation of a 3D visualization system for cataract surgery has been shown to offer a similar efficiency and complication rate profile to traditional binocular microscopy in high volume practice.  The proprietary image processing technology optimizes 3D surgical images in real-time.  This type of processing brings up the intensity of the imagery, providing unparalleled levels of contrast, sharpness, and color.  The NGENUITY® imaging process system performs this task in real-time, allowing the viewers to appreciate the subtleties, conferring many advantages to the surgeon including no light saturation with automatic gain, elevation the intensity of the imagery, and allowing fine details to become visible in very dim light.  This process can equate to a much more comfortable patient.


Over a 15-year development period, stereoscopic high-definition visualization systems are now available for us in routine ophthalmic surgeries.  The unique technological advancements provided by the NGENUITY® 3D Visualization System offer anterior segment surgeons a novel alternative to the conventional analogue microscope.

Dr. Rosenberg has presented on this matter at multiple national and international meetings as well as having papers accepted to prestigious journals, including the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. SightMD and our surgeons are proud to be the first on Long Island to offer this advanced, next-level technology to our patients. We will continue to strive exploring innovative technologies as they become available for the benefit of our friends, families, communities, and patients.

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