Happy Fourth of July at North Shore Eye Care/SightMD !

At North Shore Eye Care/SightMD, we are pround to be Americans and feel the patriotism that is displayed everywhere this time of year.  Celebrate our great country and our heritage and remember to protect those eyes. Please consider eye safety during the fun to make sure that there are no accidents.  It only takes a moment to make sure that everyone is a safe distance from fireworks. The board certified eye doctors at North Shore Eye Care/SightMD want you to enjoy this Fourth of July Celebration.  Please consider eye safety during the fun to make sure that there are no accidents.  At a large eye care practice like ours on long island, we see many unfortunate eye accidents that cause significant loss of vision and certainly preventable pain and suffering.  Be safe and enjoy.  Our Doctors are available 24 hours for our patients in the case that there are eye emergencies at 6312658780

We have a lifetime commitment to our LASIK and PRK patients.  This means your laser vision correction is guaranteed for life.  Should you require an enhancement at any point, we are committed to providing that service. Here at North Shore Eye Care/SightMD, our board certified ophthalmologists are trained in the bladeless technique of laser vision correction.  Most people who get laser vision correction are either myopic (near sighted), hyperopic (far sighted) or have astigmatism.  This is a great option for those individuals who want to get out of their glasses and are tired of relying on their contact lenses.  Especially this time of year, when you want to look your best, laser vision correction is something you should consider.

At North Shore Eye Care/SightMD of Long Island, we offer custom LASIK with wavefront analysis.  We use a bladeless technique.  The entire procedure is done with a laser.  There are two types of laser vision correction techniques we offer: LASIK and PRK.  With LASIK, our intralase laser creates a thin corneal flap with a superior hinge.  The flap is lifted and then a second laser corrects your vision by modifying the shape of your cornea.  Once completed, the flap is laid back down.  Then an identical procedure is done on the second eye.  The procedure is completely painless and it’s over in about ten minutes. PRK is similar to LASIK, except no flap is created.  The surface cells of the cornea are removed and the laser is applied directly to the surface of the eye.

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