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Laser vision correction (LASIK, PRK, LASEK) can correct nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. Although there is currently no correction for presbyopia, some patients desire monovision where one eye (dominant eye) sees for distance and one eye (non-dominat eye) sees for close. If this is acceptable after a trial with contact lens to the patient, it is reasonable to proceed and customize the treatment with this prescription. Many of our patients are not sure if they are a candidate because of their age.

At North Shore Eye Care in Smithtown on Long Island in New York, our LASIK surgeons feel that this is an important issue. Typically, those patients that have bladeless custom lasik or ilasik under age 40 to 42 are able to see great in the distance and great close up. When presbyopia sets in the early 40s, anyone with great distance vision begins to have difficulty with close up vision, like reading. For those patients that have had laser eye surgery or laser vision correction, they will need reading glasses just like any patient with great distance vision who has not had lasik. Patients that are nearsighted, can read with glasses off, but will need bifocals to keep their glasses on in this situation. Our doctors perform many lasik laser eye surgery procedures on those over 40. It is important that those patients know that although their distance vision will be outstanding, they still may need help for seeing at near.

At North Shore Eye Care our reputation for excellence and compassion is widely recognized, such that people travel from all over Long Island New York including the five boroughs. We invite you to schedule your comprehensive consultation at North Shore Eye Care today and take that first step toward the vision you deserve.

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