When Hearing Aids Are Not Enough

Sometimes even the most advanced technology cannot provide optimal hearing support in the most challenging listening situations for all patients. Fortunately there are many options to consider when your hearing aids are not enough!

Many of today’s hearing aids have the ability to connect to your smartphone. This can be a direct wireless connection via Bluetooth technology or via a small streaming device. Direct audio streaming can be a great help for hearing phone conversations. Not only is the sound processing shaped precisely to your specific hearing loss, but the conversation can also be delivered to both ears via your hearing aids! Listening with both ears can significantly improve your ability to understand on the phone.

A remote microphone can also be useful in many situations. These small devices connect to your hearing aids via Bluetooth technology and will increase the audibility of the speaker of interest. This can be very helpful to understand conversation in a very noisy restaurant. Remote microphones are also useful in any situation where the distance between the listener and speaker is at or beyond the reach of your hearing aid microphones. Some common scenarios include hearing in church, hearing at business meetings and hearing at public lectures.

TV streamers are another great option to consider. These devices pair your hearing aids to your TV, giving you the benefit of having the television’s sound streamed directly to your hearing aids, adjusted to your specific hearing loss. Another popular option for TV streaming is using “TV ears” which allows you to stream your TV audio to your hearing aids via telecoil.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these devices, the Audiologists at SightMD Hearing Services are available to help. Please call 1-855-295-4144 to schedule an appointment.

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