Our hearing experts give helpful tips for the hearing impaired

Slow projected speech, eye contact and most importantly patience is key to communication. Here at North Shore Eye Care and Hearing we are very diligent when working with our patients. Good communication is essential so our patients understand critical details about medications and surgeries and other procedures. Our goal is to empower our hearing-impaired patients and provide them with a comfortable environment. Our audiologists offers the following tips for health care providers when communicating with the hearing impaired:

Be cognizant of any hearing difficulty and get the patient’s attention before you begin speaking
Face the patient, slow the rate of your speech so there is space between words, and speak clearly.
Type out any discussions with patients if they are unclear of what you are telling them verbally.
Reduce background noise, whenever possible
Most importantly if the patient is having problems hearing, ask politely whether they understand the information.
“If providers and the medical staff are better educated about these diifficulties hearing impaired patients face then there will be less pressure for both the patient and the provider to allow for effective communication thus reducing the frustration for everyone.

For more information, please contact us at one of our locations at 631-265-8780 so that we can help you hear and communicate better!

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