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Is there such a thing as a non-surgical face lift?

Radiesse is a filler product that can be injected into the face to restore volume that has been lost from sun damage and aging. It is usually used to fill the midface, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jowls, and augment the cheek bones. It can also be used to treat the hands. Radiesse injections typically last for twelve to eighteen months and stimulate collagen production after the body has broken down the product. Patients who receive Radiesse are usually less dependent on filler products in the future because of this collagen stimulation.

Juvederm is a filler product made of hyaluronic acid that is often used to rejuvenate the lips and other areas of the face. It will last for up to six months before the body breaks down the filler and the injected area returns to its pre-injected state. Voluma is a special form of Juvederm that can be used to fill the face. It lasts for up to two years.

Restylane is a filler manufactured by Galderma. It comes in different forms that are thicker or thinner and can be used to treat specific areas of the face. Restylane silk is often used to fill the tear trough under the eyes or other fine lines around the mouth (smoker’s lines). Restylane Lift is typically used to volumize the midface. Restylane products will last for up to six months. They are comprised of hyaluronic acid (similar to Juvederm).

Botox and Xeomin are neurotoxin products that relax fine lines and wrinkles of the face by weakening muscles. Results are usually seen within two to three days and last for up to three to four months.

Obagi Radiance chemical peels are used to restore the glow of the skin and improve the appearance of skin irregularities. Often, a series of three to six peels is necessary to achieve the full benefit of the product. Results are seen within a few hours after the peel. Patients will repeat these peels every six to twelve months to maintain the results.

SightMD  is offering Non-Surgical Liquid Facelifts for patients on Long Island who are looking to achieve facial rejuvenation without the bruising or recovery from surgery. Consultations can be made in our Smithtown, Garden City, and Riverhead locations for treatment with fillers, botox, and chemical peels by an oculoplastic surgeon.

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