Large increase in vision loss and blindness expected by 2050

The United States population in 2014 was listed at just under 319 million people. As of July 8 our population has expanded to over 324 million people and is expected to increase approximately another 32 % by 2050. At the same time the amount of blindness and visual impairment is expected to double. Blindness is defined as those with vision equal to or less than 20/200 with best correction. Visual impairment refers to those people who can not be corrected to better than 20/40. With proper care these numbers can be reduced either medically or surgically. As the United States population continues to age cataracts and the need for cataract surgery will greatly increase.

With Board Certified Ophthalmologists working in eight different locations throughout Suffolk County and Nassau counties you can be assured of getting the finest care should you require cataract surgery. Our Doctors have gotten top Doctor awards as well as being listed in Castle Connelly’s Top Doctors in the New York Metro area.

Many cataract sufferers don’t always realize that they have a cataract. Actually all of us get changes in our natural lenses within our eyes. The crystalline lens which resides behind the pupil of the eye enables us to focus on near objects. This lens gradually clouds and yellows with time causing increasing loss of vision. At first you may only be aware of increased halos around lights and golfers often complain that they can’t follow the golf ball anymore. Another sign of cataract development is the loss of contrast sensitivity. This becomes apparent when trying to observe objects that are back lit such as viewing someone standing in front a bright window. When it gets to the point that you can’t perform tasks that you want or need to perform you know that you are getting ready for surgery.

After a careful examination we can tell you what lens can be used to replace your cataractous lens. There are now a wide range of lenses that you can choose that can in many cases offer you better vision than you had even before the cataract formed. For instance if you had to wear glasses because you had astigmatism all your life a toric intraocular lens can be implanted to replace your cataract. All intraocular lenses are placed in the exact same location that the cataract was removed from and don’t have to be stitched in place. In fact the whole operation is performed through a microscopic incision that is self-sealing and therefore doesn’t require any sutures.

Many of our patients desire increased independence from glasses. Before their cataracts formed many of these people were independent of glasses until they reached their 40’s. As they age people become presbyopic, meaning that they lose their ability to focus on near objects such as books and even food. To help restore their reading vision we can now offer multifocal or accommodative lenses that enable people to once again see naturally both near and far without glasses.

To increase the safety of this sight enhancing procedure we now offer laser assisted cataract surgery. Laser cataract surgery can increase the safety of this procedure while shortening recovery and even offer better vision by way of enhanced astigmatism control as well as optimum intraocular lens centration following cataract removal.

Remember, if your vision is beginning to fail and if you have not had a recent eye exam it is important that you be seen. Cataract surgery can restore your vision completely but some medical problems such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma can cause permanent loss of vision.

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