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Understanding LASIK Cost

Laser vision correction is usually classified as an elective procedure and is not covered by most insurance plans. When considering LASIK surgery, patients should strive to understand all of the factors that determine the full cost of the procedure.

While many patients may be tempted to choose the practice that offers the least expensive treatment options, it is important to remember just how delicate vision is, and to place its care in good hands. The cost of surgery should be a secondary concern compared to the surgeon’s skill, safety record, and history of success, as well as the technology and cleanliness of the facility.

The cost of LASIK varies dramatically from person to person, and from practice to practice. During your search for the perfect LASIK surgeon, you may stumble upon many practices offering extremely low LASIK prices. Use caution, because many of these LASIK “deals” are a bait-and-switch technique. It is rare that an experienced LASIK surgeon would charge those prices for their services. Be sure to read the fine print and do your research.

Be sure to ask your LASIK provider what is included in the cost of your LASIK surgery. You could be paying anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 per eye depending on where you go, so you want to be 100 percent clear on what you are receiving for that money!

At SightMD, we have a commitment to being transparent with our LASIK pricing. To better understand LASIK pricing at SightMD, be sure to schedule a LASIK consultation at one of our offices throughout Long Island!

Guiding Philosophy

We believe that everyone deserves to experience clear vision, free from the constraints of corrective eye wear. Guided by this philosophy, we work with patients to help them understand the cost of surgery, as well as their payment options. One of the most common concerns among patients who are considering LASIK surgery is how much the procedure will cost.

Here at SightMD, we feel that everyone should get a chance to improve their vision. That is why we offer multiple payment avenues, as we know not all patients are able to come up with a lump sum of money. We don’t want our patients to dwell on the cost of LASIK, because clear vision is priceless. If you would like to speak with a LASIK coordinator to go over your payment options, contact one of our many Long Island locations today!

Only the Best Technology

SightMD has earned a reputation as a leading laser vision correction center thanks to their expertly trained physicians, sophisticated technology, and commitment to personalized, professional patient care. When you undergo LASIK surgery at SightMD, you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest-quality care available.

SightMD is well known throughout Long Island for being an eye care practice that is always on the cutting-edge of technology. SightMD’s patients can rest assured that they are getting the best care possible by using the latest in advanced medical technology. LASIK is no exception to this!

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