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Advancements in the field of refractive surgery mean your vision can be more effectively and precisely enhanced than ever before. Beginning with the initial planning phase of your treatment, your LASIK procedure can be thoroughly customized, allowing you to achieve your best possible results.

Mapping the Eye: the iDesign® System

The iLASIK™ procedure combines a number of state-of-the-art technologies. The iDesign® system allows us to create a highly detailed map of the eye, measuring even the smallest imperfections, which will be used to customize and individualize your surgery. This analysis means your laser vision correction will be based on measurements that are 25 times more precise than the system used to determine your glasses prescription.

Next, this information will be used to guide the IntraLase® iFS™ Laser, an innovative bladeless system which will be used to create the corneal flap. This computer-controlled technology offers a number of benefits over a traditional surgical approach, including minimized risk, greater consistency, and improved accuracy.

Precise Treatment and Enhanced Results

Once the corneal flap has been created, the iDesign® system is used in combination with iris registration, which will allow the surgeon to center directly on your pupil. By using your iris as an alignment marker, we can ensure the laser will remain trained on the treatment area, regardless of involuntary eye movements. This also allows the surgeon to make alterations without dilating the pupil.

Next, the VISX Star S4™ Excimer Laser will be used to gently and effectively reshape the stroma – the layer of the cornea which is responsible for focusing light. This highly sophisticated system uses concentrated ultraviolet light to vaporize minute amounts of tissue, allowing us to correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

Because the Star S4™ uses an adjustable width laser beam, we can provide incredibly precise results. In addition to improving patients’ vision to an exacting degree, the system minimizes the risk of complications and promotes rapid healing.

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