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LASIK Self-TestWhen it comes to customized laser vision correction, SightMD has set the gold standard for quality, safety, and patient satisfaction. Our use of innovative, advanced technology such as Wavefront diagnostics, digital imaging, and the latest laser platforms makes our laser vision and LASIK Center unparalleled in both design and function.

Patient satisfaction is one of the biggest goals we have at SightMD. With our state-of-the-art laser center, we aim to make all of our patients feel comfortable and at ease. Having up to date technology is important, but it’s also important that our patients know they are getting the best experience out of LASIK possible.

Unlike most in-office laser centers, our laser suite has been constructed as a separate entity designed to provide optimal conditions for performing laser surgery while making the experience more comfortable and luxurious for our patients. Patients enter through a separate entryway into our serene, spa-like setting. Our LASIK Center allows factors such as humidity, temperature, and air quality to be carefully monitored, controlled, and maintained. Every room in the center is kept pristine to ensure patient safety and optimal outcomes. Our surgeons’ ability to control the environment in which they are performing LASIK and other procedures leads to consistently superior results.

LASIK with SightMD is an experience you’ll never forget. From the moment you walk through our laser center’s doors, we want you to feel like you’re at home. Like any surgery, LASIK can be scary. Our friendly staff is here to make sure you know what to expect, every step of the way.

Enhancing Your Experience

Our surgeons truly care about improving our patients’ vision and experience and do so by offering a comprehensive range of procedures in the comfort and convenience of our unique laser vision center. We want to help relieve any anxiety our patients may feel or concerns they may have regarding their procedures. As one of our patients, you will be made to feel relaxed and at ease throughout your appointment, from the moment you become a patient. From our welcoming and friendly reception area to complimentary WIFI and soft music, our office will make patients feel as if they have stepped into a luxurious day spa.

Phenomenal Results

Our technology offers an exemplary level of safety, precision, and customization, which allows all LASIK procedures to be tailored to each patient’s visual imperfections. The digital scanning technology at our laser vision center was originally developed by NASA for use in high-powered telescopes in outer space. The scientific system has most popularly been adapted to medical practices to aid in the detection of diseases and serious medical conditions which impact the health of the eyes. Now, that same technology helps our world-class surgeons identify and analyze minuscule imperfections in the eyes.

Your eyes and your prescription are unique to only you. The wavefront technology used during our LASIK procedures ensure your individual refractive errors are corrected. Since becoming FDA approved, LASIK has transformed into a procedure that can correct refractive errors in just seconds! Thanks to our use of wavefront technology, LASIK at SightMD will give you the sight you’ve been looking for.

The scanning system calculates every single flaw, no matter its size, and corrects it to 25 times more accurately than standard methods of treatment, The detailed vision analysis has now made it possible for our surgeons to decipher the extent of a patient’s needs and provide a precise level of measurement and correction never before possible. Thanks to today’s technology, patients can enjoy impeccable vision and are more likely to reduce their dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

LASIK is performed on millions of patients, each and every year. LASIK opens up a whole new world, free of glasses and contacts. With our state-of-the-art laser center and sophisticated technology, we’re confident that we can provide you with the vision correction you deserve! Want to learn more and find out if you’re a candidate? Schedule your free LASIK consultation at one of our 23 convenient locations today! You’ll never regret the day you decided to start your new vision journey.

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