Learn about LASIK and Our state of the Art LASIK Center in Smithtown.

Our success at SightMD is due to the fact that we strive to provide the best results for our patients. Is it time for you to think about LASIK surgery. We are the official 2018 LASIK Providers of the New York Mets. Some patients are nervous about laser vision correction. The feeling that things might not go well keeps them from having laser eye surgery and that fear can be difficult for them to deal with. Some feel that contact lenses are much safer than laser vision correction and even when patients start to get infections and intolerance symptoms, there can be a fair amount of denial. Once contact lens intolerance begins, usually it leads to the point where patients can not comfortably wear contact lenses for any period of time. The eyes of these patients tend to be red and irritated and the risk of corneal infection or corneal ulceration with significant risk of vision loss becomes more prevalent. Contact lens related corneal infections can be severe and vision threatening. Any eye doctor or eye surgeon that has been around long enough has seen permanent vision loss secondary to contact lens related corneal ulcers. Is it time for you to think about LASIK surgery.

Everyone is welcome at our LASIK Seminars. Among issues talked about are prescription qualifications, testing done to determine whether or not you are a candidate, new advances in technology and overall safety of the procedure. Our eye doctors will answer all of your questions as well as inform you on the latest in laser technology. All of our eye surgeons perform bladeless custom LASIK , the safest way to perform laser vision correction. Not every person can have laser corrective surgery. There are many diagnostic tests that need to be done in order to make this decision. We also use Visx iDesign scan for a truly customized laser vision correction experience. We also use iris registration which allows the laser to align exactly with anatomic landmarks of each person’s individual iris. This combination provide the most advanced LASIK vision correction procedure available. Everyone who attends the seminar automatically receives a discount towards there surgery if they choose to have it.

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