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For over 30 years, SightMD has provided eye care services to the Holbrook community. We welcome patients from both Holbrook and the surrounding area to visit our facility, where we provide a comprehensive set of ophthalmology services. If you are interested in visiting our Holbrook, NY, location, contact us today to schedule a visit.

Our Holbrook Location

Our Holbrook office is conveniently located just south of the Long Island Expressway, near the intersection of Patchogue-Holbrook Road. We are next to Sachem Animal Hospital on Union Avenue between Maple Avenue and Laurel Street.

We have participated in several events in the Holbrook area, including the Holbrook Festival, the Ronkonkoma Festival, and the Sayville Summer Festival. We are committed to patient education, and we make every effort to be an active member of the Holbrook community.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you are interested in learning more about the services we provide at our Holbrook location, contact us today. During your visit, one of our doctors will discuss with you your unique eye care needs and coordinate an appropriate treatment plan.

5 stars 5
It has been one week since my Lasik procedure and I cannot be any happier with my results. Prior to my Lasik surgery, when Dr. Martin had asked me to read the large letter "E" at the top of the eye chart without my lenses, I just laughed and shook my head. Since then, my nearsighted vision and my astigmatism had been corrected with great success, my vision is now 20/20 one week post surgery. Everyone at North Shore Eye Care works seamlessly to ensure a stress free experience. All the credit for my successful surgery and perfect vision goes to Dr. Jeff Martin, and the team at North Shore Eye Care. If you are considering the procedure I highly recommend having it done here. Thanks again Dr. Martin, my eyes have never "looked" so good.

5 stars 5
Walking through the door I knew this was the right place to go. Kind, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff! Thorough testing done before and a nice meeting with the operating doctor. I had Dr. John Mauro, this guy is great really felt comfortable trusting him with my visions future. Surgery went quick and so was the recovery!! I was able to see the next day and go to work. Almost no irritation, just a little light sensitivity... nothing glasses or drops could fix. This is the place to go !!

5 stars 5
Thank you Dr. Martin!!! I have been scared of Lasik for years but Dr. Martin and his staff were great! I woke up today, the day after the procedure, and drove myself to his office to find out that I have 20/20 vision. NO MORE GLASSES. Everyone was very courteous and professional. Wait times were minimal, everthing was fluid, I have NO complaints at ALL> Jason

5 stars 5
Im overwhelmed with gratitude for Dr. John Mauro and North Shore Eye Care. Since kindergarden, Ive worn glasses for nearsightedness and I thought I would for the rest of my life. Id toyed with the idea of having a LASIK procedure, but it aways seemed too unattainable; it sounded expensive and scary. After a regular check-up at North Shore Eye Care, I took the idea of LASIK a little more seriously. Within a week I had my evaluation and saw Liz, the Surgical Coordinator. We discussed pricing, financing, and we talked about the realities and benefits of the surgery. She didnt try to sell me (which I admired and appreciated) and days later, my surgery was booked. What Id come to realize on the day of the operation is that Id had absolutely nothing to worry about. The procedure is a breeze, everything is explained to you, and youre done in what feels like seconds (and is really minutes). Dr. Mauro and his team work like a machine- a machine that listens to Boy George during surgery 🙂 . Their camaraderie and professionalism (along with the Xanax) puts you at ease no matter how unnerving you found the consent form to be. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Mauro and North Shore Eye Care. I will forever be an unofficial spokesperson because Im so unbelievably happy with the care and results (20/20 vision!) that Ive received.

5 stars 5
When I first went to North Shore Eye Care for my Lasic Eye Surgery I was a lottle nervious, as anyone would be. The staff there was absolutly amazing, the wait was short, and I felt that everyone in the office really cared about me. Dr. Mauro has a great bed side mannor and mad me feel great about my surgery. The procedure was vertually painless and i will never forget that on 12/28/2011 at exactly 4:12 i could see across the room to the clock, and read it. This was very exciting because I had been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old (and been wanting the procedure since). I knew that I had chosen the right Dr. when i woke up in the middle of the night to rubbing my eye (apparently i pulled the eye shield off in my sleep) and I was in the office getting looked at as soon as i called. The team of staff at North Shore Eye Care is absolutly phenominal, and i recomend them to all of my family and friends. I would have the surgery again today if i had to, and would not hesitate at all to entrust my eyes to these wonderful doctors

We provide several different services at our Holbrook location, including:

General Ophthalmology – Our general eye care services include comprehensive eye exams. During these visits, we use advanced diagnostic tools to assess your eye health. We also offer a variety of vision correction options, including refractive surgery and corrective eyewear.

LASIK – iLASIK utilizes laser technology instead of a blade to create a flap on the surface of your cornea, which is then reshaped to improve your vision. For the right candidates, the procedure offers excellent results with minimal recovery time.

Cataract Treatment – We perform laser cataract surgery, during which we will remove the clouded lens of your eye and replace it with a customized intraocular lense (IOL) to provide you with clear vision.

iDesign Technology – A three-second scan with Abbott’s iDesign wavefront system allows us to obtain a precise map of your eye. We can use this information to assess your eye health and determine your candidacy for various procedures.

Treatment of Corneal Conditions – We treat a variety of corneal conditions, which can be caused by trauma or infection. One of our most extensive treatment options is a corneal transplant procedure, which involves using donor tissue to repair damaged corneal tissue and renew your eye health.

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