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Yonkers – 984 North Broadway
984 North Broadway
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SightMD is excited to be opening a second office in Yonkers. We offer our patients comprehensive eye care services, as well as glaucoma treatment, cataract treatment, and more!

Our Yonkers Location

SightMD’s Yonkers location is on 984 N Broadway. We’re near several bus stops, including stops at Saint John Hospital, Odell Ave, Foxfire School, and Executive Boulevard. Our nearby proximity to North Broadway makes it easy to get to us, no matter where you’re coming from! 

Yonkers is home to the beautiful Lenoir Preserve. The Lenoir Preserve is 40-acres of lovingly preserved woodlands and field habitats. Lenoir Preserve was once home to two stunning Hudson River estates. 

Now, you can see many of the exotic shrubs, trees, and wildlife, practically in your own backyard! Most notably, in the summer, Lenoir Preserve is also home to a beautiful butterfly garden. 

You never know which butterflies (or hummingbirds!) you may catch in this stunning oasis. 

In the spring and fall, bird watchers come to observe hawk migrations in this beautiful habitat as well. There’s no shortage of beauty to be experienced in this natural piece of beauty, right here in Yonkers!

Schedule a Visit

To make your next eye appointment at our Yonkers office, give us a call at SightMD today!

At SightMD’s Yonkers location, we offer various services, including:

Comprehensive Ophthalmology–When it comes to your eyes, it’s important to keep them in good health. Regular eye exams with an ophthalmologist are your best line of defense against eye conditions. At SightMD, our doctors are specially trained to handle your eye care needs, no matter what your age.

Glaucoma Treatment– SightMD offers multiple treatment options for glaucoma.  In most cases, eye drop medication is the first step in initiating treatment; however, when eye drops are ineffective or poorly tolerated, there are other treatment options, such as SLT laser, a 3 minute office procedure that is effective in over 75% of patients with glaucoma, and multiple surgical options.  

Our doctors are also experienced in the latest MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgical procedures) such as Istent, Hydrus, Goniotomy, OMNI 360 and Xen stent implantation.  These procedures frequently work well together with cataract surgery. For other patients who have more advanced glaucoma, we offer trabeculectomy surgery, glaucoma drainage tube implantation and cyclophotocoagulation.

Your doctor at SightMD will go over what they think your best options for treatment are.

Cataract Treatment–If you have cataracts, you may eventually need cataract surgery. At our Yonkers office, we are offering our patients cataract treatment options. If you know you have cataracts, the next step is deciding when (or if) you need cataract surgery. Our cataract surgeons only remove cataracts once they are severely impacting your vision, and make it impossible to live your life.

During cataract surgery, the natural lens is completely removed from your eye and replaced with an artificial lens, or IOL. Without an IOL, you wouldn’t be able to see clearly after cataract surgery.

There are many different kinds of IOLs available, so it’s important to discuss these options with your doctor at SightMD before you have cataract surgery.

Pediatric Ophthalmology – We are happy to provide vision care for children starting as early as six months of age. Our pediatric ophthalmologists provide testing of eye coordination and movement and are able to screen children for refractive errors. Our goal is to protect your child’s vision at every stage of their development.

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