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Yonkers – 970 North Broadway
970 North Broadway, Suite 109
Yonkers, NY 10701
Phone: (914) 969-5050
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SightMD is excited to open our newest office in Yonkers! At our Yonkers location, we offer comprehensive eye care services and cataract treatment options. Wondering if our Yonkers office could be right for you? Contact SightMD to find out more about what we have to offer you!

Our Yonkers Location

Our Yonkers office is located in the heart of beautiful Yonkers. Many people think that New York City is the place to be, but we have a secret for you: it’s Yonkers! In the spring or summer, make sure to visit the Untermyer Gardens. These lush gardens are truly a hidden gem of our town and are not be missed!

Consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? You owe it to yourself to come to check out iFly in Ridge Hill. iFly is an indoor skydiving center! It’s perfect for those that have always dreamed of skydiving, or if you want to practice indoors before taking the plunge.

Bringing the family for the weekend? You need to climb on board the Science Barge. On the Science Barge, you and your family will learn all about the environment, solar power and how the barge works while floating down the Hudson River. Sit back, relax, and get ready to learn!

Need to entertain the family after the Science Barge? There are 26 miles of trails to find on the Old Croton Trail. You can hike, jog, or just walk leisurely as you see the beauty that is Yonkers, firsthand in nature.

Schedule An Appointment

Want to learn more about SightMD’s Yonkers location? Contact us today! We can help you set up an appointment or consultation at the location that’s best for you.

Our Services

At our Yonkers location, we offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive Eye Care – At our Yonkers office, SightMD provides our patients with comprehensive eye care services that are available to all, young and old. Patients of all ages are encouraged to schedule regular eye exams. This is your best weapon against vision loss or vision conditions! Regular eye exams allow us to assess your vision health and the state of your eyes. Tired of wearing glasses and contacts? We also offer laser vision correction procedures like LASIK for qualified candidates!
  • Cataract Treatment– For patients with cataracts, SightMD’s Yonkers office offers extensive cataract treatment. This includes laser cataract surgery. Laser cataract surgery is the latest and best when it comes to cataract treatment! During laser cataract surgery, we will remove your cataract, as well as your lens. The lens is then replaced with an intraocular lens, allowing us to restore your vision! There’s no longer any reason to live with vision loss associated with cataracts.
  • Diabetic Eye Disease and Retinal Laser– Patients with diabetes are encouraged to schedule regular eye exams for the ongoing monitoring of their vision health. For patients who have developed diabetic retinopathy, the leading cause of blindness in the United States, our SightMD Yonkers office provides ongoing care and laser treatment options to improve vision and prevent future vision loss.
  • Glaucoma– Patients with glaucoma can trust their ongoing vision care to Dr. Schirripa at our Yonkers office. Our practice offers ongoing monitoring of the disease and an array of treatment options, from drops to oral medications or vision procedures. Visiting our Yonkers office for the ongoing treatment and management of glaucoma symptoms can help to preserve sight and prevent vision loss caused by open or closed-angle glaucoma.
  • Wet and Dry Macular Degeneration– For the ongoing management of wet or dry Macular Degeneration, patients will find that they are well cared for at the Yonkers SightMD office. Regular eye appointments are critical to the early detection and successful treatment of macular degeneration, and SightMD offers multiple treatment options for those suffering from Macular Degeneration.
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