Rivka Markowitz, O.D.

Dr. Rivka Markowitz is a pediatric optometrist who is, first and foremost, committed to providing the best eye care for her patients while simultaneously establishing warm long-term connections with her patients and their families.

Dr. Markowitz works out of our Hewlett office.

Dr. Markowitz graduated magna cum laude from CUNY Queens College as part of the Scholars’ program. She then received her Doctor of Optometry degree from SUNY College of Optometry. Practicing since 2008, Dr. Markowitz specializes in comprehensive eye care for the pediatric population. This includes, yet is not limited to, the evaluation and treatment of visual acuity and refractive errors, amblyopia, strabismus with a specific focus on convergence insufficiency, and learning related visual concerns; as well as evaluation and treatment of the anatomical health of the eye with the appropriate referrals and co-management of more complex ophthalmic concerns.

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