Theresa Rua, O.D.

Dr. Rua received her Doctorate of Optometry from Indiana University in 1999, after completing her Bachelor of Science from Molloy College. Before becoming an Optometrist, she was a New York State Licensed Optician, so she is well equipped to handle a variety of optical issues.

Dr. Rua is highly experienced in fitting specialty contact lenses including bifocal contacts. She is also certified and highly experienced in the treatment and management of ocular disease. She has practiced optometry in various venues, including Veterans Administration Hospitals, private practice, and foreign missions.

In addition to primary care optometry, Dr. Rua is passionate about helping children with learning-related vision problems, strabismus and amblyopia. During a vision therapy evaluation, she tests for and treats both eye coordination and perceptual issues, using the standardized Test of Visual Perception and the Developmental Eye Movement Test for tracking. As a doctor, and a homeschooling mom, she is dedicated to providing children with the ability to have an exceptional education.
Creating awareness about the importance of a fully functioning visual system is one of Dr. Rua’s passions. Thus she enjoys lecturing and collaborating with peers and educators in interdisciplinary and related fields. She has lectured at numerous parent associations, rehabilitation centers and schools. Her knowledge and skills are matched only by her total commitment to improving the lives of her patients.

Dr. Rua loves being with her husband and two children. After homeschooling, they enjoy volunteering at a local soup kitchen, and other service projects through their church.

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