SightMD and Cataract Surgery, Making a difference in 2018

Many things have changed over the years, but our dedication toward excellence in eye care and eye surgery has remained with us at our New York practices. Our Doctors are board certified and perform the best in cataract surgery in a practice that does over a thousand cataract surgery procedures a year. There are several theories that exist that can cause cataracts including: smoking, diabetes, excessive exposure to sunlight, steroid use and certain other medications. The typical symptoms that may occur (blurry vision, glare around lights at night, haloes, colors losing there contrast and increased nearsightedness. The increased nearsightedness is also cause a temporary improvement in close-up vision, but likely to worsen as the cataract continues to grow. Since cataracts tend to progress slowly, your vision changes are subtle and you may not notice any changes in your vision at first. When you see your eye doctor, a complete medical history and eye examination is necessary, which involves dilating your pupil to visualize the cataracts and the retina.

At SightMD, previously, North Shore Eye Care we perform over a thousand cataract operations each year using the most advanced techniques. Our doctors rarely use stitches, periocular needle injections or even eye patches. These awards reinforce the commitment to excellence at this eye care practice by these eye surgeons. Beyond the technology, our goal at North Shore Eye Care is to give the best experience and the very best result possible. For those patients that elect to have premium lens implants, we offer free custom bladeless lasik to enhance the result if necessary. Occasionally, we have to make an adjustment to have these implant lenses function the best. It is great that our eye care facility is state of the art in both cataract surgery and laser vision correction. The board certified eye eye surgeons at SightMD, previously North Shore Eye Care in Smithtown New York in Long Island have been perfecting the cataract surgery treatment since Dr. Sidney Martin, the founder of North Shore Eye Care, started his practice in 1960.

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