Stye and Chalazion Treatment | Eyelid Swelling

Long Island patients with eyelid swelling or styes are best treated by an oculoplastic surgeon to improve the condition.  A stye is a blocked oil gland of the lids that results in pain, redness, and swelling of the face.  Hot compresses and eye drops/ointments are the first line treatment for a stye before considering a small office surgery to fix the problem.

Styes are commonly treated by applying heat to the effected eyelid in order to help open the blocked oil gland that is causing the problem.  Styes are not contagious, but they may appear on one, two, three, or all four eyelids.  In addition to hot compresses, antibiotic or anti-inflammatory eye drops or ointments may be prescribed to help improve the condition.  Occasionally, antibiotic pills are necessary, as well.

Styes are best treated by an eyelid specialist known as an oculoplastic surgeon.  When Styes are left untreated, they may turn into a hard nodule of the lids called a chalazion.  At this point, a small surgery may be necessary to open the blocked oil gland or to inject steroid medications in the area.  During a consultation with a board certified oculoplastic surgeon at SightMD, a patient can be properly diagnosed and treatment can be recommended.

Most patients are able to return to work right after drainage of a chalazion in the office.  To help prevent future styes, daily hot compresses can be applied to the eyelids and commercial cleansing pads can be used to remove dirt or debris from the eyelash roots.  Make-up should be cleaned off the lids every night before going to sleep in order to prevent Styes from developing.

SightMD offers oculoplastic surgery services to patients in New York City (Manhattan and Queens), Nassau County, and Suffolk County for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of styes.

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