Styes Can Be Treated With Eye Drops And Minor Eyelid Surgery

A stye is a swelling of the eyelid(s) that is the result of a blocked oil gland. Many patients are prone to getting styes, especially those with underlying Rosacea of the face. A flare of the Rosacea can cause the skin around the eyes to become inflamed, resulting in a blockage of the oil glands. When make-up, dirt, or debris is also incompletely removed from the eyelids, a stye can develop. Commercial eyelid cleaning pads like Ocusoft and Systane can help to maintain the health of the eyelids and decrease inflammation. Baby shampoo can also be used to clean the eyelids. Daily eyelid hygiene is necessary for patients who are prone to developing styes. The usual medication given to patients with styes is a combination of antibiotics and steroids. This works to decrease a low grade infection of the eyelids and relieve any associated inflammation. Also, it is important to apply hot compresses to the eyelids as often as possible to cause the blocked oil gland to open. Rarely, oral antibiotics are necessary to treat a facial cellulitis or eyelid abscess that may result from a stye. Minor office eyelid surgery is also sometimes necessary for patients who have styes that don’t clear with medicine. Many patients are able to tolerate this procedure and drive home by themselves afterwards. In the office, the stye can be drained after local anesthetic injections are given. North Shore Eye Care offers comprehensive ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery services for the treatment of styes. We have several locations throughout Long Island for the diagnosis and management of styes – Smithtown, Riverhead, Garden City, Hempstead, Southampton, Southold, Deer Park, and Holbrook. While this can be an annoying and frightening problem, we look forward to treating the condition so that you can go on with your daily life.

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