Summer vacation is here! Children everywhere are enjoying their break from school – swimming, beach, park, camp are among the many things children do all summer long. But before you know it, summer vacation will be over and the kids will be back to school! Summer weeks are filled with fun times, but it’s also time for clothes shopping and buying school supplies. Many children are having school physicals, dental exams and eye exams, but what about hearing exams? While some pediatricians routinely check hearing at well-visits, most children do not have their hearing screened on a regular basis. Many schools do not require annual hearing exams unless a child is receiving special services for speech or hearing.

Undiagnosed hearing loss in children can lead to serious and significant academic and social issues. School screenings do not always successfully detect slight hearing loss. The best way to know about your child’s hearing is to have a hearing test with your audiologist. She will perform a full evaluation and give you an accurate picture of your child’s hearing abilities. Should your child be diagnosed with hearing loss, summer is a great time to adjust to using hearing instruments without the added listening responsibilities of the classroom.

For children who are already diagnosed with hearing loss, summer is a great time for an audiological exam to update device programming and insure optimal hearing for the school year. Hearing instruments can be sent in for repair if needed at this time and FM systems can also be checked for issues. As children grow, new ear-molds may be necessary and can take about one week to be crafted. Improved technology may be available, and a school vacation is a great time to try something different. Taking care of these things over the summer vacation helps eliminate hearing down-time during the school year and sets your child up for school success on Day One.

Pediatric hearing exams are available through the Audiology Department at North Shore Eye Care & Hearing. Call (631) 265-8780 to schedule your child’s audiological evaluation today

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