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Talking about Glaucoma and its many types

Glaucoma is the term used to describe a group of eye diseases in which the intraocular pressure (pressure within the eyeball) is increased and causes progressive damage to the optic nerve. (The optic nerve is like a telephone trunk line – it is composed of 1.2 million small fibers and transmits images from the eye… Read More

What are Floaters?

Floaters are part of the vitreous gel in the eye that cast shadows on the retina, the layer of cells lining the back of the eye that senses light and allows you to see. Floaters can appear as different shapes, such as dots, circles, lines, clouds or cobwebs. The eye is filled with a clear… Read More

Where we are in Cataract Surgery

The surgeons at SightMD, previously North Shore Eye Care with offices in eight locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties are the official LASIK providers of the New York Mets. We have been a leader in cataract surgery in Suffolk County for the past 50 years. While cataract surgery has been going through a steady evolution… Read More

What is Retinoblastoma?

Although not very common, Retinoblastoma is the most common eye tumor of childhood. There are approximately 350 new cases diagnosed in the United States per year. Worldwide, 6000 cases per year are diagnosed. 95% of diagnosed cases survive Retinoblastoma and more than 90% keep at least one eye. Retinoblastoma is diagnosed typically by noting a… Read More

Cataract Surgery with Astigmatism Correction for 2018

The eye physicians and surgeons of SightMD previously North Shore Eye Care are fully committed to providing the best eye care on Long Island. Our eye doctors specialize in cataract surgery, and helping our patients get the most out of their experience. We perform cataract surgery with topical anesthesia. We also offer laser cataract surgery… Read More

SightMD and Cataract Surgery, Making a difference in 2018

Many things have changed over the years, but our dedication toward excellence in eye care and eye surgery has remained with us at our New York practices. Our Doctors are board certified and perform the best in cataract surgery in a practice that does over a thousand cataract surgery procedures a year. There are several… Read More

What is the difference between iLASIK and traditional LASIK?

SightMD, previously known as North Shore Eye Care, the 2018 Official LASIK Provider for the New York Mets, is delivering the best in LASIK at the best value to our community. Offering discounts to our superstars. The promotion is for law enforcement, firefighters, EMT’s, nurses, doctors and teachers. Along with the best board certified LASIK… Read More

North Shore Eye Care/SightMD making a difference now!

Patients have a one-time opportunity to pick the type of lens he or she would prefer at the time of surgery. Cataract surgery comes around only once and it has become a second chance at great vision. Here at North Shore Eye Care/SightMD, we perform laser cataract surgery with topical anesthesia. Our small incision technique… Read More

Advantages of Femtolaser Cataract Surgery

Laser or Femtolaser cataract surgery is currently the most advanced way to remove a cataract. It offers increased safety, precision, and makes cataract surgery less traumatic to the eye. There are 4 main advantages for laser cataract surgery in : 1. increased reproducibility of the capsulotomy, 2. softening of hard cataracts leading to decreased ultrasound… Read More

Make a New Year Resolution to Take Better Care of Your Eyes

Happy New Year Everyone! We would like to thank you for entrusting us with the care of your vision. Vision is easily taken for granted; just think about how life would be like with decreased vision. As we make resolutions for the new year, don’t forget to make it a priority to take better care… Read More

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